Streamline (Stream of Thought) 1/31/18

The Flu Sick People

Why are these people not staying home? It’s like a flu mind field of people at work. People are coughing, sneezing, and have labored breathing but they are still coming to work (they’ve all had the flu shot too). They say you can spread this shit up to 4 or 5 days after showing symptoms too. Pretty soon, the healthy people will need to stay home just so they don’t get sick from these people hellbent on coming to work. If you are sick… GO HOME!!!!!!!!

State of the Rebuttal

I didn’t watch the State of the Union because honestly…. Oak Island is a much better use of my time. So I also didn’t watch the State of the Union Rebuttal by the Democrats, which appears to have been a colossal misfire. They go and get an irrelevant Kennedy (JFK would be considered Republican today in comparison to how left wing crazy the current batch of democrats are, so the Kennedy connection is tenuous at best these days) that has on too much lip gloss? Anger spittle? Rabies??? To make their futile plea. Futile because the actual stats and facts of what Trump has been doing are all showing positive signs, much to the liberal hive mind consternation. So there you have a Kennedy (a rich democrat family) lecturing on the 1% (they hate the tax cut that everyone is seeing), and “me too” (How many women have the Kennedy’s used, raped, and/or killed?), and just saying irrelevant crap that the whole of the country outside of fantasyland California and New York don’t care about. The current Democrat party is so far left of sane that they are looking like a joke on a grand scale right now.

FYI: I’m only 60/40 in agreement with Trump and I’m not saying the above as some mindless partisan Trump fan. I’m saying it because the democrat party has lost touch with the people in this country. You have a the ACLU coming out today saying that using the word “America” is divisive. All I have to say to that is… How tone deaf can you be???

Speaking of tone deaf… The voters are partisan, so the representatives are partisan. For 8 years of Obama, Republicans sat and scowled at his speeches, so Democrats labeled them anti-American. Now, the Democrats sit and scowl during the Trump speeches and the Republicans label the Democrats anti-American. Then the Republican voters all of sudden have selective memories and swear up and down that Republican representatives stood and clapped for when Obama was right… I’m so sick of the partisan liars on both sides. Disingenuous partisan fools… the lot of them.

SMDH, Facepalm, and WTF???

My work day lately has consisted of those 3 states of being in various forms, several times a day. I’m starting to think that I work in the Twilight Zone. Logic, reason, efficiency… For some reason they no longer apply…


My struggle to keep interest in Knightfall continues. Now that I’m up to date with the episodes… My interest has gradually waned from it. When you watch it back to back, at least you are kept in the moment, but week to week isn’t working out so well for me. I admit, they had a good twist with the daughter and the advisor but that good twist wasn’t enough to prop it up from the regular cliché drama they are reverting too. If you know me, then you probably know that I refer to CW’s DC shows as 90210 in tights, well… I’m starting to feel like Knightfall is becoming 90210 in chainmail. Landry sleeping with the queen and the betrayal of the king who views him as his best friend…. UGH!!!!!!!!! There are only 2 episodes left for season 1 so I’ll finish it up but… I’m not sure I’ll be interested enough for when season 2 comes back.

Jury Duty Summons… AGAIN…

I’m so over these damn Jury Duty summons coming yearly. The founding fathers were wrong about jury duty. For one, it is against my liberty and freedom to be forced to show up for this time waste. Secondly… does anyone really think they actually get a “jury of their peers?” I got news for you… you don’t. We should switch to a system of actual professional paid jurors who want to sit there and listen to these cases and then usher in verdicts. I certainly don’t want to, don’t care to, and don’t need the time suck.

Should I be taken from the big waiting area to the small waiting area, then I may get the question, “Are you able to follow the judges directions fully in making a decision on this case?” To which I will reply, “I don’t foresee an issue but I do know that the supreme court has validated jury nullification and if I disagree with any unfair law, I will make my own decision regardless of the judge’s directions.” Then I will get the boot because they certainly don’t want an independent thinker who knows how the law works sitting up there. I mean… if it was a non-violent drug offense or prostitution or any offense of the law that did not hurt anyone else, I would be a NOT GUILTY vote, regardless of what the judge wants me to decide. SCOTUS defends the position of the jury being the only one to decide so BAM!!! In your face you high and mighty deceivers.

That’s the Stream and I judge this to be the line… Until next time!!!

Author: jasonfalter

Aspiring writer that is not starving due to being in the Technology industry. Noir, Crime Fiction, Cyberpunk, Etc...

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