Streamline (Stream of Thought) 1/30/18

That’s a lot of Commissions… Just Saying…

I’m in several of the comic book art groups on FB and I’ve noticed, whenever someone posts up art they are working on, they have to preface it with, “This is a commission of X that I’m working on.” My BS sensors red line every time I see this. There is no way that all of these people are selling commissioned comic book art of characters. I theorize that most of these people want it to seem like they are getting paid for drawing comic book characters versus just drawing them for the fun of it. It’s sad really… I draw stuff just to draw it.

*Drawing above is mine.

iPhone iOS 11 Camera FAIL

Thanks work phone… I had to figure out why the pictures when downloaded wouldn’t come out right and it is because after iOS 11, Apple ditched JPG for HEIC (proprietary crap). So you have to go into the camera and make a deselection in order for the camera to put out JPG again. Android may have some issues but at least it doesn’t do stupid stuff like this.


I’ll be skipping Dragon*Con this year. The Con has just gotten too big and is managed very poorly now. It’s way too hard to navigate through the throng of people and just getting in to any major panel means hours and hours in a line while the rest of the Con goes by. The entire length of Peachtree St. in Atlanta should be shut down for at least that Saturday, so people can move more freely, but for some reason Atlanta is dumb and keeps this main street open for those that are just coming down to people watch Con goers. Another issue over the last 2 years is that all of the vendors have been moved to the 4 floors of the Americas Mart. So instead of being able to check out vendors that are spread out at the individual hotels, while waiting for certain panels in that hotel, you have to go to one location for all the vendors. It was so bad last year that they made a line for vendor entry (which I just went around because I am not waiting in any line to go through vendors). Inside, it is so packed with people that several aisles you cannot even make your way down. Then you have the fact that it is 4 floors of vendors selling relatively the same pop culture stuff and it all sort of blurs together. Yes… even shopping was a hassle at the Con. So for the time being, I’m going to ditch the Con. When something becomes so much of a burden that all of the fun is drained out, then what’s the point???

Star Trek Discovery (up to ep #13)

WOW!!! Just WOW!!! The back half of the season (10 onward) has been edge of your seat tension and massive twists in the story. When a major character is killed, it’s a jaw dropping moment that leaves the viewer saying, “NO WAY!!!!!!!” I really do love this version of Star Trek. This is the type of Trek that I have always wanted. A connected arc and massive story that isn’t broken up into neat little episodes where everything is resolved in the last 10 minutes of the runtime. This is a remarkable show and even though there are still 2 episodes left in the 1st season… I can’t wait for season 2!!!

The News Media is Just so Much Trash

Changed the radio from talk to music. CHECK. Limited social media viewing. CHECK. Lowered the below pop up of “news articles” on the main Bing Search. CHECK. I’ve been going out of my way to steer clear of the crap news out there. Next up is probably ditching Daily Mail. I want to stay informed and I have several sites for that but Daily Mail has turned into this “me too” witchhunt vector for all of this sexual harassment. You don’t even need proof of harassment, just say it to someone in the media and Daily Mail will now carry it. There is so much “non-harassment” being viewed as harassment now, that the real harassment fades into the background for these sensational stories. I’m also tired of the sensational clickbait headlines. If your article starts a headline with “Yes or No” in the title, then you are clickbait. That isn’t even journalism. That’s pure persuasion editorial. Sites that want to be real journalism but use these headlines are no better than an editorial blogger. Hell… I don’t even start titles in this unprofessional way and I’m blogging. I don’t want every aspect of living to be political and I don’t think every aspect of living should be newsworthy but thanks to the internet… that’s where we are. So one has to take proactive measures to defend against it.

Count me out of the Partisan Political Circus

I didn’t watch the leftist Grammys Sunday night and I’m not watching the rightist State of the Unions tonight. I refuse to worship at the altar of partisan BS. Both sides rival each other in ignorance and thick headedness. Both sides wouldn’t know a good compromise if it came up to them and sat on their faces.

Is Hangouts Dead Too?

I used to have some great Hangouts groups where we had some good convo’s that were always ongoing. It seems like more and more people are ditching Hangouts now too. People are still showing as being apart of the Hangout but the responses are now on par with what you get from G+… The Sounds… of Silence…

In that case… The same method I’m taking with my blog and social media will apply there too… Just go to my blog if you want to read anything because I’m taking myself out of dead convo’s and sites that are stagnant. Why write to the void in more than one place?

That’s the Stream… That’s the line… You’ve been Streamlined!!!

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Aspiring writer that is not starving due to being in the Technology industry. Noir, Crime Fiction, Cyberpunk, Etc...

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