Streamline (Stream of Thought) 1/29/18

Inbox/Gmail and the Missing Notifications

I’ve about had it with Google Email. I’ve been using Inbox for years now and all of sudden, about 3 months ago, it just stops giving notifications for new mail. Yesterday, I re-enabled Gmail notifications, in the hope that the notification would come from there but no dice. No notifications and when I open Inbox it asks me if I want to disable the Gmail notifications so I don’t get dual notifications… SMDH… I’ve been moving more and more stuff over to Outlook so it looks like that is the direction it will all go. Google never fails to disappoint me these days.

I NO Political

It’s been great being on the outside of the majority of political talk lately. For the most part, I’ve been avoiding it like the plague on social networking. I switched from listening to WSB talk radio to Alt 105.7 and the Woody show, just to get away from the constant barrage. Seriously… I was and am so over every aspect of politics being talked about and investigated. Sure, I still know the happenings and bullet points for the day and I speak on that but then after sending it out (mostly via a Streamline entry here), I let it go. I have no interest in debating political plot points any longer. It’s a waste of time and listening to it all of the time just creates undue stress for something that you cannot change. You get soaked in political rhetoric, then you debate it to no end, and you are still left stressed about it. No thanks. A side note: I sure don’t need politics in my entertainment either. So if a “star” or “celebrity” is on the soapbox, it means nothing. Think about it… Social media allegedly had a ton of Russian accounts pushing for Trump but at the same time social media had all of Hollywood and every celebrity (with much more followers I might add) telling their followers to vote for Clinton. How is that different? It’s not.

What’s Going On Valiant???

Rumor broke this morning on Bleeding Cool that Valiant Entertainment (My favorite comic book company) had been sold. Last night Dinesh Shamdasani (Valiant CEO and the most EXCELLENT frontman for any comic book company outside of Stan “the man” Lee) tweeted out: “Defeat snatched from the jaws of victory.” -Jim Shooter, 1992

UPDATE: DMG Entertainment has bought Valiant Entertainment in its entirety. Dinesh is being transitioned out (sad because he was the fan of Valiant as a kid who grew up to buy the comic company he loved). The really horrifying part of all of this is that the CEO of DMG said that this buy was to move the properties into movies and other media and “NOT to expand the publishing.” That to me, makes me think that Valiant Comics will be an afterthought and the characters I know and love will just be used/pushed for movies and TV. That is a sad proposition as Valiant Comics has the BEST universe in comics right now. While it would be awesome to see these characters on the big screen, it would suck to lose them in the comic book form. I’ll guess all we can do for now is wait and see how all of this pans out… Crossing fingers…

Shameless Season 8 Finale

Season 8 of Shameless came to an end last night and it was pretty good, maybe a little disjointed. It seems like the individual Gallaghers are all on an upswing, while Frank, who started the season on an upswing is back on a downswing. Season 9 will be back on Showtime closer to the end of 2018.

I purchased Showtime via Amazon Channels and I have to say, Showtime needs to purchase more bandwidth. Everything is fine until Shameless was ready to go live weekly, then the drops from HD would take effect. This never happened on HBO during Game of Thrones, who I guarantee has more viewers than Shameless (though Shameless probably has the most viewers of any of the Showtimes shows). The great thing about Amazon Channels is that you can purchase for monthly viewing and then cancel at anytime. Shameless is really the ONLY thing interesting right now on Showtime so now that it is over, I’ll cancel my subscription. When it comes back on, I may wait for the entire season 9 to add up and air so I can just buy the channel for a month and binge watch it, or I’ll just wait for it to hit Netflix. The bandwidth issue is seriously annoying to the viewing experience and I don’t feel like paying for the channel over a 4 – 5 month period only to fight with bandwidth every week. So hey, Showtime!!! Buy more bandwidth!!!

I’ve got nothing else… That’s the Stream for today…

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Aspiring writer that is not starving due to being in the Technology industry. Noir, Crime Fiction, Cyberpunk, Etc...

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