Streamline (Stream of Thought) 1/28/18

Pixel 2 to Surface Pro 4 and the Post “Computer” World

It’s official… I use my Surface Pro 4 more than my Pixel 2 Chromebook. It’s been moving this way steadily since I got the SP4 and now most of the stuff I do that requires a “computer” is done on it. YES, I highlighted computer because in a lot of ways, the SP4 is so much more than just a full fledged computer. While 2 in 1 devices can be computers, they can also be great tablets, media, and art (drawing to music) devices. The general way to think of a computer is that of this big tower device over in the corner by your desk. I haven’t had a computer (tower)… well… ever. The first computer I ever used was the Commodore 64 but that was no tower. That’s pure retro computing now. When I was older, I bought a blocky Toshiba laptop from a friend and then it was just laptops, Chromebooks, and now the Surface since then.

I bring this up because lately online, I see more people actually angry over the latest Apple commercial (to be fair, this commercial has been going for a long time now, where were these people???) They hate the fact that when the Mom asks the girl, “What are you doing on your computer?” She replies, “What’s a computer?” That’s the old fogie in these people who still want to group everything under a term that doesn’t totally fit the devices we have today. I mean, I don’t even refer to my Surface as a “computer” and while I know it is, I refer to it as a 2 in 1 because that fits the definition much better than “computer.”

Oh well… some people love to to live in past categories even after those categories have long since changed.

Your Partisan BS of the Day

Dear Democrats, The Trump plan/deal/compromise for the Dreamers to get citizenship is a good deal, yet you fools are still freaking whining!!!

Dear Republicans, The Trump plan/deal/compromise to get your wall funding is a good deal, yet you fools are still freaking whining.

The BEST deals and compromises are where both sides get something they want but both sides don’t get everything they want. This deal fits that perfectly. Sadly both sides are so damn partisan that they can’t even recognize that the other side has valid points to make. So each side goes to their corner and sucks on their thumbs like the partisan babies they are. YOU partisan people are the main thing wrong with this country.

Mass Effect the Series

I’ve downloaded the trilogy to my Xbox One. I’ve also installed Mass Effect Andromeda. Last night I started replaying the first Mass Effect again (I’ve played through it twice before) so after I beat that, hopefully when I start up ME3, the save file from the cloud save will cross over to it from ME1. Same for ME2 to ME3. That’s a lot of game playing to be redone/done… I wonder how far I’ll get???

Now that the X-men are coming back, are the Inhumans finally out?

Marvel Comics has been pushing the Inhumans for several years now and no one cares. The reason they are is because Marvel Studios didn’t have the movie or TV rights to the X-men or even the word “mutant” so in an effort to get people refocused, and make more money, the Inhumans were brought up to A list. The kicker… No one, NO ONE… Likes the Inhumans. Sure, the storyline in the Agents of Shield TV show is excellent but as far as comics go, people want the X-men, not the Inhumans. So now that Marvel, through Disney, is getting the X-men rights back, will Marvel Comics please demote the Inhumans once again? Please?

Star Trek Discovery

I’m sold!!! This is the BEST version of Star Trek since I was originally introduced to the original series as a kid. THIS is how I want my Star Trek!!! It completely revitalizes Trek. You get a long form story with tension, mystery, action, and science. The characters are awesome. The CGI is better than the movies even. These episodes are all done with a high quality that make each seem on par with a full budget movie. I am truly impressed.

An aside… Those who don’t think action is apart of Star Trek, must have forgot the original series. If anything, TNG onward was less of the real Trek as they always had a deus ex machina in the final 10 minutes of each episode just so they could “science” their way out with no action. Sorry but… Real Star Trek HAS action involved. If you don’t like this, go watch your boring TNG or Voyager. I love this new series. Like I said, it was the revitalization that Star Trek badly NEEDED!!!

That’s the Stream… Keep on Treking!!!!!!!!

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Aspiring writer that is not starving due to being in the Technology industry. Noir, Crime Fiction, Cyberpunk, Etc...

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