Streamline (Stream of Thought) 1/25/18

X-Files: The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat

X-files this season has been great. Last night’s episode was a stand alone (I personally like the mythology episodes more) and I loved it. It was about how we could be in a parallel world and leaned to the more comedic side. The timing between Mulder and Scully on the comedy was excellent too. Little Mulder was great!!! The hilarious “Trump Alien” had me in tears when he explained that the Earth had been walled off from everything else in the universe because humans are liars and they are so destructive. It’s really not that hard to believe that that just may be the actual truth out there when you look at humanity today. Compared to last season, this season (which is most likely the last) is firing on all cylinders.

Josh Gates really does have the BEST job EVER!!!

I wish had the job of Josh Gates. You really can’t beat it. Travelling to locations in track of relics and stories from history. It’s archaeology Indiana Jones style without the guns, Nazis, and deadly snakes all over the place… I realize that in some cases the drama ratchets up for Expedition Unknown and some stuff looks staged every now and again but it’s still a great show that takes people to the actual places and on an actual journey through history. Much like with Oak Island… I keep hoping Josh will actually finds some treasure or an ancient relic that he is looking for. Seriously though… I think the job he has would be my dream job now. It’s certainly better than being stuck in a closet with no windows, no real ventilation, and hard lighting all day long.

Traffic in Atlanta Sucks.

It just gets worse and worse. I live 5 miles from work but it takes 25 to 30 minutes in the morning now just to get there (no highways) and then 40 to 60 minutes to get home (again, no need for highways). Technically, we should be working from home since 80% of what we do could be done from home but that’s not going to happen because the company is stuck in this mindset of old outdated ways. Even the previous company I worked for has moved to a full work from home dynamic. Damn… maybe I should have stayed put… Anyway, the traffic issue has me looking for more work from home positions that do not require rush hour driving or even closer places that do not require being in the two rush hours for this damn long. Something has to change because this isn’t working for me any longer. I’m tired of wasting an hour and a half of my time/life on traffic every day.

You know how the Government Requisitions People’s Info from ISP’s?

Yeah… well, you Net Neutrality nincompoops are going to make it easier and easier for everyone to have control over our private data, but us. You see, if WE have control over our data, then ISP’s can’t just hand it over. However, if NN is in play, and ISP’s are regulated, then the government is so much closer to just taking that info, no questions asked. But you people in your illogical stances on everything NEVER freaking think anything through. No wonder most humans can be manipulated so easily.

The Secret Societies of Jest…

So a few days back I wrote about the big hubbub going on with missing text messages in the FBI and the actual talk (evidence) of a “secret society” within the FBI trying to stop the Trump presidency. Virtually every New Media news site was talking about it and had quotes from representatives who had seen the evidence. Fast Forward to today and we find that this all hinges on a text message made by Lisa Page, who is against a Trump, but was making a JOKE. If you read the text with any logic or reason you see it was made in jest where “secret societies” are concerned.

In my opinion… The “NEW MEDIA” is just as BS as the Mainstream Media (MSM). The NM puts out rumors and BS from the right while the MSM puts out rumors and lies from the left. It’s a freaking game to these political pundits though. The NEWS… ALL NEWS has become Entertainment Media to get your views, clicks, and attention for ad dollars. So your best bet: TAKE ALL NEWS WITH A GRAIN OF SALT… because it is probably BS anyway.

Diversity in Toys… And how it actually plays out…

I kept hearing on Pop Culture sites how not enough “action figures of girls” were made for such properties as Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Etc… Before we go any further, lets realize the FACT that boys and girls are different and tend to play differently. Sure, a minority will cross over but for most, there is a difference. It’s a damn FACT. Now then… When I was at Target or Walmart, I’d take a look at the action figures on the shelves and guess what I found? The female action figures tended to line the shelves from several of those lines. Meaning… The boys wanting toys, did not want to buy the female action figures. Is this sexist or genderist? No, it’s called fucking reality. Back when that all female Ghostbusters was released, the majority of those toys, sold in the boy’s toy aisles, ended up going onto clearance and just sitting there. This should have been easy to see as the outcome but this PC SJW crap society we live in, marketing now has to ignore things that are important, like the fact that male toys are not female toys and vice versa… So you get companies wasting money to create toys only a small minority is buying (mainly SJW 20 somethings). Those same whiners head to social media to complain if the action figure of Rey is not represented equal to that of Finn in the Star Wars lines… even though that Rey action figure has less sell through.

The point being… Males and Females are different and if you stop recognizing that FACT, you start doing stupid stuff that is just a waste of time and money when you are trying to market to your audience. Stop the insanity of the PC SJW already. It’s just stupid.

You know… this is the Stream and that’s the Line… Stream you next time!!!

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