Streamline (Stream of Thought) 1/24/18

Just because you can, should you?

This beyond reckless idea that the Earth can support 10 Billion+ people so hey… “Let’s do it!!!” Is once again being pushed out by those on the right who have no care for the environment or living conditions. Can you fit 23 illegal aliens into a 3 bedroom house? Sure. Should you? NO. Same dynamic.

The point is, there are too many people already. Humans are spreading like a virus. This destroys the environment and it erodes the living conditions of those already alive. Quite frankly… a lot of “births” are irresponsible and happen where the child can’t be supported. Never mind when someone keeps popping them out for a subsidized living on the government dime, which happens rapantly.

Do we need population control on a global scale? Yes, we probably do. How to implement that is the rub. Leave it to humans to keep messing this planet up though.

Facebook is like a stream of babies and kids…

Speaking of overpopulation and too many kids… Seriously… we get it… you love your babies. They make albums for that you know. You can post all of your baby pics in an album and call it a day. Instead, you people want to keep posting shot after shot in the main stream of everyone that follows you on Facebook. I need an algorithm that hides all posts about babies, kids, or what the kids are up to. No offense people, but I just don’t care.

Millennial Drama… er… Editorial Whining…

I read an article on Engadget that was about exclusive tabletop board games being made on Kickstarter (I no longer do any crowdfunding, I’ve been burned too many times), and the writer basically wrote the entire article so she could complain about how it was exclusive and made her decide right then and there to fund the project so she could get it. That’s a nice blog like article and all but this was being used as an article on Engadget, once again pointing to how most media (news, tech, pop culture) has turned into nothing but blogging editorial.

With my site here, you can expect editorial because this is a blog. I’m not some media site pretending to be a media source. I say what I want to say. The media sites however, have decided to mainly just be the same as a blog. Their writers all take on a point of view instead of relaying journalistic facts from both sides of the spectrum and letting the reader decide. Their writers basically insert themselves into the story via their slanted opinion. I really don’t see this changing anytime soon either. It’s bad journalism and written from a media source as a way for persuasion. Readers beware.

The Ups and Downs of Oak Island

I was almost certain that Rick and Marty would find the treasure in the latest hole that they dug. After it had slipped roughly 10 feet into a void, it all but seemed certain. Then the spoils start coming up and… nothing.

Obviously Rick and Marty are invested monetarily in this endeavor, but we as the viewer, are invested emotionally and are not only hoping to see a real life treasure hunt be solved, but we also want for the these two treasure hunters to see the fruits of their intense labor come to pass. I see the expressions on their faces when things don’t work out and believe me, I feel the same, albeit not as intense. Their hunt for the treasure vault has us viewers utterly captivated, not just with finding the treasure but seeing them find the treasure and the joy it will bring them. We can’t all be treasure hunters so I admit, this is sort of living vicariously through them. We get the highs and the lows of the treasure hunt and we are on this roller coaster ride with them. When they do find the treasure, I kind of feel like it will be a better and a more accomplished feeling than some football team winning the Super Bowl and holding the trophy aloft for all to see.

I read that Mark Burnett has to convince the brothers to come back with the show every year because the brothers are not really into the reality TV show thing and never wanted the TV fame that came with it. I get that, though I do hope they keep coming back so we can see them find the treasure and get the celebration and success they deserve, and so to we would get a great conclusion to the mystery and the story of Oak Island.

Android O to P

Only 0.7% of phones on the market have the Android O(reo) OS update now. Google I/O is in May and that will be when Android P is released to developers. This is important because it shows how Google has once again lost its mind. Google should go to a 2 year lettered OS release cycle. The miniscule advancements that were currently being done do not warrant a full letter release jump anymore. The lettered OS release also no longer warrants people buying new phones and upgrading without any real advancement. There was literally nothing in Android Oreo that was worth sinking money into a new phone just to acquire it. Android P will be much the same way. We’ve reached a saturation point and Google just doesn’t get it. At this point, the best thing for Android would actually be for someone other than Google controlling and managing it.

Why Bitcoin is a VERY Bad Investment

Speculation, Volatility based on that speculation, high transaction fees, transaction delays at a point of purchase based on high volatility, and no intrinsic worth other psychological, make it a VERY bad currency. One good EMP blast at an exchange and your 1’s & 0’s based Bitcoin is history.

I get all of the arguments against fiat currency but Bitcoin is not the solution and as it is now fluctuating, not even a good idea to go in on in any way, shape, or form. In fact, more places are dumping bitcoin payments than ever before because how can you charge a price for something when the currency exchange rate changes within the span of a few seconds? It’s basically a techie libertarian pipe dream solution that will NEVER be the replacement for gold, silver, or backed fiat currency, no matter how bad the backing is.

If someone tries to get you excited about Bitcoin and lure you in to investing, run, don’t walk, but run away from them. Unless you are a day trader who plans a strategic short term buy and sell, then Bitcoin is just a pipe dream investment. Seriously… Using bottle caps as currency in the game Fallout is more logical than using Bitcoin EVER. Steer clear!!!

That’s the Streamline for today… Stream you later!!!

Author: jasonfalter

Aspiring writer that is not starving due to being in the Technology industry. Noir, Crime Fiction, Cyberpunk, Etc...

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