Streamline (Stream of Thought) 1/23/18

The Superbowl

I’m not watching it this year. Not because of the bended knee political crap or even because the rules of the game are a damn mess these days… Nope… I’m not watching because I’m tired of the New England Patriots. This team is so damn boring. Much like the Yankees, only people from that area actually like this team. They’ve been to the SB over and over again and frankly… I’m just over them being in it. Not even the commercials could make watch it this year.

Petitions are Created by the Weakest Humans Amongst Us

There is a petition to remove The Last Jedi from Star Wars canon because some “fans” were pissy about it. The moment anything happens that peeves anyone off, there is a petition made. Stub your toe on a curb? Go ahead and create a petition to funnel your anger against all curbs. The weakest humans amongst us are probably the people creating these stupid petitions. In their attempt to find some meaning in their own lives and pretend they are doing something for a made up cause, they rush off to file a petition. People who create petitions, and people who sign them, just get an eye roll and a shrug from me.

The Bombs in Space from Star Wars The Last Jedi

We now have an answer for why these bombs dropped in space, actually fell. The bombs use sequenced magnetic plates to propel them toward their target. Since the Star Destroyer was the lock, the bombs were being magnetically pushed downward into it.

I’m sure they may have come up with this after the fact but it does solve the issue that so many had about the bombs dropping in the vacuum of space. Maybe that will kill at least one petition out there.

Secret Society within the FBI

We’re learning of a secret society within the FBI that was created to oppose Trump. Honestly… I wish I was making this up but nope. The FBI has a 5 month gap in stored text messages that they were supposed to be keeping. They have 2 people (working on this special council to find Russians (think No Way Out) but there are none). Both of these people point to a secret initiative. We have collusion between Loretta Lynch and James Comey to not indict or go after Hillary Clinton. We have a real thriller going on in reality that smacks of being more like a movie. Of course we have mindless partisans on both sides too. We have sides cheering this new news on, though the correct response should be shock and betrayal, and the other side claiming ignorance to it all. I’m sorry but if you are still defending Clinton, you’re a dumbass. Point blank. Trump may not be all that but Clinton is as dirty as they come and defending her makes those that do so, look like clowns.

Mass Effect Series (Backwards Compatibility on Xbox)

I just checked online and it says that DLC (Download Content) I bought for backward compatible games on the Xbox One (from the 360) should automatically download to the XB1 when I put the 360 disc in. I may give this a try with Mass Effect, as I have all 3 of them, and would actually like to replay them (even though I’m pretty much done with gaming) I think. Obviously the saves don’t cross over so I’d probably have to create a new character in each game. My 360 is having issues with the disk eject. I basically have to pry it open so if I can just move this series to the XB1 then that should be enough.

Will this make me buy the newer, but radically panned Mass Effect Andromeda? Who knows? I’ve heard some people liked it and some people didn’t. I don’t really trust reviews online anymore as you can find a review, reviews, or batches of comments about 50/50 down the line on any given subject to justify completely opposite views. All reviews are completely subjective, even mine on this site.

A Wikipedia Trail…

I started out looking at Titan, a moon of Saturn. I had not known that we had pictures from the surface (as we also do with Venus and they look remarkably similar). So it was cool to see these pictures and read about the makeup of this moon. Watching the movie Magellan on Prime last night, where the mission goes to Titan, pretty much set me off on this course. This led me to look at other planets and their atmospheric compositions, which lead to looking at the Oort Cloud and then Sagittarius A, the black hole at the center of the Milky Way. Somehow I saw a line in a search term that led to a descendant of Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, to which this person said in 1970 that we would never set foot on the moon (proved him wrong, obviously). That led me to looking for these mysterious Golden Plates that supposedly Joseph Smith found in a cave outside of New York (in a hill that is geologically incapable of having a cave no less), to which he translated (with the help of a stone) the Book of Mormon and then gave the golden plates back to the entity in the cave known as Moroni (is this angel/entity Italian?). Of course, a good geological survey of this hill could prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is no cave and no golden plates hidden within but the Mormon church owns the hill and of course, why would they want to dig up the hill to disprove their religion, which borders on a fantasy that is closer to scientology than Christianity even, as far as the origin of this religion. Not until “Articles of Faith” are introduced, do they take on the more Christian leanings. The plates were supposedly written in “Reformed Egyption” but a transcript that was reportedly copied from the plates shows writing that is not linked to any Egyption… or any language ever found. It actually looks like lettering from several different languages all mashed up, if you ask me. So you know… fake… made up… not real… When he translated the pages, by putting “seer” stones in a hat and then putting his face in the hat, the initial 116 pages came forth. His wife lost them. He said he was not allowed to re-translate them (convenient, as the words and text would be different if the original 116 pages turned up again). After he supposedly finished his translation, he gave the plates back to the Italian on the hill (convenient again, as there is no proof of their existence). The actual church doesn’t seem to think that the plates are integral to the religion itself but to dismiss them, pretty much dismisses the entire religion, doesn’t it? If you are a Mormon, and you are reading this, and you are still faithful… You have much more faith in this type of backstory than I.

Joseph Smith seemed to be a borderline pathological liar when it came to things he translated. From the fabled golden plates to the Joseph Smith Papyri, which he said were the actual writings of Abraham, but turned out to be Egyption writings on funerals and other such stuff that had nothing to do with Abraham. Yet this Book of Abraham, based off of Egyptian papyri that have nothing to do with Abraham are canonized by the church as being “real.” Facts just don’t matter where religion is concerned.

This is how humans act though, even today. They find something they want to believe, put their full faith in believing it, then when all logic, common sense, and reality bring forth alternate facts, they maintain their “faith” because they already put so much into it. Partisan politics and even policy driven science is much the same way, It’s annoying as anything because when you read a history of how the Mormon religion came to be, one should easily see through it. How then can so many people subscribe to it?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… We do NOT live in a enlightened society. Most people want to be told what to do and how to be, so they look to religion or government to do this. Using any form of nuance or critical thinking based on logic and reason is not within reach of them, because they refuse to use it. Maybe I should just create a new religion… Looks to be easy enough.

Anyway… The trail ended up at Edgar Allan Poe, who had associations with Charles Anthon, who had proclaimed that the Reformed Egyption that Joseph Smith was trying to pass off was utter garbage and nothing but a fraud (he’s right)… Anyway Edgar Allan Poe also tried to capitalize off of Anthon’s reputation to make a national name for himself. This didn’t work at the time though because of accusations of plagiarism leveled at Poe. Of course, we all know that Poe went onto become one of the greats in American literature… albeit after his death.

From Titan to Poe… What an information trail that was!!!

That’s the Stream… Stream you next time…

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