Streamline (Stream of Thought) 1/19/18

People are Stupid

There is a thing called “Tide Pod Challenge” where people are eating Tide Pod LAUNDRY DETERGENT. We DO NOT live in an enlightened or even remotely smart society.

Black Mirror Season 4

I watched the black & white episode called Metalhead and yes, I cheered on the robot (dog) who was protecting the warehouse that the thieving humans were trying to steal from. Kind of wish it was done in color instead of black and white. I’m not a fan of black and white unless it is It’s a Wonderful Life. I have to say, this season was much better than last season (I still like Electric Dreams on Prime a bit more). I think going back to mainly an English cast really helped though.

Florida is scared of Sex

Florida, land of the prudes, has passed a resolution declaring porn a public health crisis. The only person to vote against it (18 to 1), was Dr. Cary Pigman (D), the ONLY medical doctor on the committee. So right there, that tells you the idiocy of the 18 morons who have decided to waste legislative time (the people’s time) on sex and maneuvering to control sex. Of note… this is also why Republicans end up losing any gains they get. They have this holier than thou attitude on sex and want to get into everyone’s private lives to control it. (The resolution is non-binding and only the opinion the prudish committee, so it doesn’t carry any weight of law with it. Just a good FYI for the voters to take note of).

So the Twitter-verse wants a Memo Released

Everyone on Twitter is talking about this “SHOCKING” memo that details corruption in the last administration (d’uh) with the FBI and the DOJ. It took me a long time to find a link to a site that actually summarized this “SHOCKING” memo. My thoughts are, it will come out, and then nothing happens. Look… people were shocked by the Snowden disclosure for all of a day and that should have been the biggest story this nation has ever seen, yet it wasn’t. The people, for the most part, are apathetic about a corrupt government spying on them. So do you think the people are going to be up in arms over that same government spying on Trump?

This is basically another drama moment in the Days of the Twitter Lives. They get to be loud with condemnation, snarky in words, and tweet and retweet over and over about how mad they are. Yet, as with most “SHOCKING” stories, it will be much about nothing in the end because all you have to do is ride out the anger and hope some starlette in Hollywood comes forward with another sex abuse case. I mean… it’s only the government spying on everyone STILL. Who cares about that when Starlette X had her ass grabbed? That’s the REAL story.

The Super Bowl FIX is in

Earlier this week, The NFL’s Official Facebook page promoted a chance to win seats to the Super bowl… to see the PATRIOTS VS VIKINGS.

Only problem, both of those teams still have one more game each to play before they can get in the Super bowl. The post was quickly deleted but the damage has been done. If it is the Patriots vs Vikings then that pretty much validates that the NFL is completely fixed. Which also makes sense after seeing how the Falcons lost last year… in a way that could never believably happen. Another reason to stop watching this sport.

Honestly… if the Patriots are in the Super Bowl again… I’m not watching. Not even for the commercials. It’s just a boring team that no one likes but for the people from their own area… kind of like the Yankees for baseball.

Superman gets his red trunks back!!!

For Action Comics #1000 Superman is getting his red trunks back… finally… The reason for the change to the all the blue, was just lame crybabies, who like everyone today, were somewhat offended. Just complete nonsense. There are reasons that some superhero suits are iconic and you don’t mess with them. Both Superman and Spider-man both come to mind here. We can only hope the original suit sticks around now.

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