Microsoft and Amazon should make a Strategic Partnership


Amazon is the king of media and of home automation with the Echo. Microsoft is rapidly becoming the king of 2 in 1 innovation and AR tech, not to mention that they are on top of productivity. Microsoft and Amazon both fumbled in mobile. That means people are stuck with either iOS or Android. So Microsoft and Amazon should make a strategic partnership to fight off both Apple and Google. Microsoft could release their long rumored and fabled “Surface Phone” (or maybe a Surface Phone Prime), (at Nexus pricing, unlocked from carrier) while Amazon and Microsoft both support the content on it. That means full apps for everything… From Xbox to Alexa. I would definitely ditch Android for that. I’m already sick of Google these days.

Something has to give here. It’s just like politics. We’re stuck with the iOS walled garden or Google’s (fake open) walled garden (Google’s iron grip on the OHA: Open Handset Alliance, is as good as being a walled garden). If Amazon were to support Microsoft and Microsoft made it so everything Amazon had could run perfectly, then that’s a ton of consumers from both ecosystems who would most likely give it a try. That would also get 3rd party developers to go all in with the new mobile initiative.


Amazon and Microsoft are already bringing Alexa and Cortana together in the coming months so you can use either one to “talk” to the other. Microsoft recently discontinued their Groove Music while Amazon has a very good offering with Amazon Music Unlimited that could replace the music section needed. Microsoft is better in gaming and could leverage 3rd party support plus Xbox compatibility to bring gamers to the full platform. I’m fairly certain that Amazon has a stronger presence in movies and books where Microsoft, as said earlier, has productivity and communication completely covered. This would be an awesome partnership!!!


iOS isn’t going to change and Android is just going to become more and more of a Google tracking and advertising device. So it makes since for the Seattle Titans to partner up against their lower state competition. Otherwise it will just be business as usual…



Author: The Ninja

Aspiring writer that is not starving due to being in the Technology industry. Noir, Crime Fiction, Cyberpunk, Etc...

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