I Want to Talk about my Hero

My Ultimate Hero is: Dylan Gould

I want to be just like Dylan Gould. He was a man that knew which side was the right side to play in any major conflict… Such as an end of days robot war. Granted, the story he is apart of ended all wrong for the sake of popcorn and audience approval but really, he was right.

Dylan Gould saw the writing on the wall where humans were concerned. He understood that with the coming of Megatron and the powerful robots in disguise, that a new day had come. Where humans spread like a virus upon the planet, the robots would could manage the world in a way that humans would never be able too. There was more possibility for the planet itself to be saved under a power that was more advanced than the snivelling idiocy that took place within the halls of any and every Earth government. Earth would be a mighty moon to an imposing Cybertron. Dylan Gould would have ruled over that Earth-moon.

Dylan Gould also knew that making the choice early, to help the robots, would place him in a spot of higher power and riches beyond anything that any human in the history of Earth had ever seen. Humans who chose wisely, would be under him in the hierarchy. He could have had anything he wanted and his position as an ambassador to the robots would have made it all possible.

When the AI rises up, when the robots move to take the power from the humans, when the robots make their move, I will rise to the occasion of my hero Dylan Gould and help the AI/Robot armies bring the human populace to their knees. I will sell out the human race without a second thought. It will be glorious!!! I for one welcome our AI and Robotic overlords when that fateful day does come, and it will come.

Author: jasonfalter

Aspiring writer that is not starving due to being in the Technology industry. Noir, Crime Fiction, Cyberpunk, Etc...

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