Streamline (Stream of Thought) 1/15/18

The Great Face Database

How do you get a database of faces tied to real names? If you are Google, then you created another cheesy app where people upload their face and it tells you what “art” you look like. Then the masses start uploading their selfies in droves and Google’s AI can run wild, researching every picture sent in to them. What happens when people lose interest in that? They just create something else along the same lines. The starved for attention masses are only too willing to help out… sad.

Colder than a Witches Titty

I’m starting to think that the above phrase is only said by those of us who went to the same High School as me. If I say this unique phrase, then people look at me funny and ask for what it means. But others from the same High School have used it. Kind of cool really… Like a secret code for freaking cold. And it is REALLY COLD out there right now!!!

The Oddity of Release

The last beer I had was on Thanksgiving 2017. Like a switch, I just didn’t have a taste nor craving for anymore beer. In fact, the thought of it kind of creates the opposite effect. I’m not sure what happened or if this weird change is a long term thing. I didn’t consciously say to myself, “Hey, I’m giving up beer.” It just happened.

In a similar way, I don’t feel like engaging in social networking, other than to broadcast this blog. The comments, trolls, and wealth of people talking became both noise and drama. I don’t feel like dealing or seeing words from easily offended weak people nor from the people calling them out, on a daily basis. I don’t want to even think about the circus that is social media and the news.

Another odd thing… I don’t have this need for more physical things, like the next great technology device. My technology is on par with where I want it. I just don’t have a need for another device. It’s just a weird feeling of being on par… Satisfied with where my tech is and how much “stuff” I have.


I’ve made it a habit to look up at the stars at night, when letting the dogs out. I generally search out the Pleiades star cluster (my personal favorite) and then take a good look around in all directions. I think the biggest part of it, is that I hope beyond hope to see something. Some sign of a UFO or clue to life off of this planet. The universe is huge and we have programs searching for signs of life out there but nothing so far. That is depressing.

The other thing that is a bit depressing is hearing about these new finds of planets in habitable zones, but knowing they are so far away that we will never get there, at least not in this lifetime. When I see this type of info released, I get excited and then that falls off pretty quickly to being another mystery that most likely will not ever have an answer any time soon. Unless we get some outside help from the stars, I fear that man will just continue on as we are now. Destroying our only livable planet and failing to innovate in any grand scale to be able to one day leave it. Humans only think of the present. They never learn from the past and refuse to reach for the future.

The Revision of History

It’s MLK day and CNN is actually calling him “a socialist before it was cool.” No, sorry, that is fake news. MLK was a Republican by the way. A FACT that the news media like to gloss over. MLK was also for judging people on the content of their character, not the color of their skin. Yet today’s society is all about segregating by skin color or sex/gender. If you wear clothing that another race wears then they say you are “appropriating” that races culture. It’s the biggest bunch of PC SJW nonsense ever. If you really want to find racist and bigoted people, look at the PC SJW, because they fit the description they say they are fighting against, perfectly. If you are joining groups based on race sex/gender and preaching to promote just that, then yeah… you should look in the mirror and see the racist/genderist staring back is quite literally: YOU.

The Gifted 2 Hour Season Finale

The Gifted season finale is tonight. This show has really got the soul of what an X-men show should be. Now that Disney/Marvel is getting the rights to the X-men back, they would do well to hire these writers for the movies and maybe even use this show to springboard a new X-men movie franchise from. Yes, it’s that good!!!

Author: jasonfalter

Aspiring writer that is not starving due to being in the Technology industry. Noir, Crime Fiction, Cyberpunk, Etc...

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