Streamline (Steam of Thought) 1/13/18

Facebook is putting Friends and Family First

I like this move. It’s past time for marketers and brands to be knocked down a notch. Marketers make ambulance chasing lawyers look like swell people these days. Basically, here’s what they algorithm jockeys did. They not only fill the web and every social site with ads but they post the smallest thing as “news” or “breaking” just so they can try to get a click through, which then shows you more ads on their site. The goal is to get you to click through to their site to display ads. This is why news media from actual news to tech to pop culture rush to be first with anything… even if it is unverified (as it almost always is now). If we can post a sensational post, we can get a click through.

If a marketer or brand loses some ad money over this, I’m 100% okay with that. They’ve really gamed the system enough. Really… I’d like to go back to the 90’s when branding meant sell out, and it was looked down upon. At least then we wouldn’t be making these fake stars out of phony people and brands.

The strange thing about this… I normally click the news feed and change to “Most Recent” over “Top Stories” so I get a more chronological view. All of sudden though, this is showing EVERY post from “friends or family” who are going on posting sprees. When I go back to “Top Stories” now, I see more interesting content. Maybe the Top Stories algorithm is really working better with this change. Afterall, brands spamming or people spamming can both be an issue. Time will tell.

Star Wars Theme by Paper Scratched Equation goes Viral

A few days ago, a video was put up on Youtube of someone doing equations and making the Star Wars theme via the sound of the pencil on the paper. This went viral. Over 2 million views. The site was just put up for this video. This had to have some sort of market manipulation or humans really are evolutionary idiots… (NO, I will NOT link such idiocy).

Cyberpunk 2077 comes to life… sort of…

Everyone in gaming has been waiting for Cyberpunk 2077 to “be.” We’ve been waiting a long time. Yesterday, the official Twitter account issued a tweet. The first tweet since December 5th 2013… It simply said *beep*

This was enough for the internet to go wild with speculation that maybe… just maybe… this game will come out or have new information released, or something. Whatever it may be, it was the winning tweet on Twitter yesterday.

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams (Amazon Prime)

I’m 5 episodes in so far. It’s pretty good. Overall, I like it better than Black Mirror (I feel BM jumped the shark last season). The Steve Buscemi episode made no sense but outside of that, my only real gripe is the lack of testosterone. I’m all for the heroine kicking ass but come one… a little diversity here. The men in every episode so far have been fairly week. It’s a far cry from Rick Deckard in BladeRunner, but I digress. I’m doing a little summary for each in another blog post, so I’ll save most commentary on this, for that.

Twitter is still a mess…

I looked in on Twitter this morning for about 60 seconds and STILL saw “shithole” posts. So I logged off again. Regardless of being said or not, it’s not racist, nor it is not true, however… I’m so over both sides being snarky about it. It’s a word. It’s a statement about how places that for the most parts are shitholes. That’s why people want to come here. You have an issue with it? Embrace your inner snowflake and go find a corner to cry in you easily offended fool.

That’s the Streamline for today!!! Catch you next time.


Author: jasonfalter

Aspiring writer that is not starving due to being in the Technology industry. Noir, Crime Fiction, Cyberpunk, Etc...

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