Streamline (Stream of Thought) 1/31/18

The Flu Sick People

Why are these people not staying home? It’s like a flu mind field of people at work. People are coughing, sneezing, and have labored breathing but they are still coming to work (they’ve all had the flu shot too). They say you can spread this shit up to 4 or 5 days after showing symptoms too. Pretty soon, the healthy people will need to stay home just so they don’t get sick from these people hellbent on coming to work. If you are sick… GO HOME!!!!!!!!

State of the Rebuttal

I didn’t watch the State of the Union because honestly…. Oak Island is a much better use of my time. So I also didn’t watch the State of the Union Rebuttal by the Democrats, which appears to have been a colossal misfire. They go and get an irrelevant Kennedy (JFK would be considered Republican today in comparison to how left wing crazy the current batch of democrats are, so the Kennedy connection is tenuous at best these days) that has on too much lip gloss? Anger spittle? Rabies??? To make their futile plea. Futile because the actual stats and facts of what Trump has been doing are all showing positive signs, much to the liberal hive mind consternation. So there you have a Kennedy (a rich democrat family) lecturing on the 1% (they hate the tax cut that everyone is seeing), and “me too” (How many women have the Kennedy’s used, raped, and/or killed?), and just saying irrelevant crap that the whole of the country outside of fantasyland California and New York don’t care about. The current Democrat party is so far left of sane that they are looking like a joke on a grand scale right now.

FYI: I’m only 60/40 in agreement with Trump and I’m not saying the above as some mindless partisan Trump fan. I’m saying it because the democrat party has lost touch with the people in this country. You have a the ACLU coming out today saying that using the word “America” is divisive. All I have to say to that is… How tone deaf can you be???

Speaking of tone deaf… The voters are partisan, so the representatives are partisan. For 8 years of Obama, Republicans sat and scowled at his speeches, so Democrats labeled them anti-American. Now, the Democrats sit and scowl during the Trump speeches and the Republicans label the Democrats anti-American. Then the Republican voters all of sudden have selective memories and swear up and down that Republican representatives stood and clapped for when Obama was right… I’m so sick of the partisan liars on both sides. Disingenuous partisan fools… the lot of them.

SMDH, Facepalm, and WTF???

My work day lately has consisted of those 3 states of being in various forms, several times a day. I’m starting to think that I work in the Twilight Zone. Logic, reason, efficiency… For some reason they no longer apply…


My struggle to keep interest in Knightfall continues. Now that I’m up to date with the episodes… My interest has gradually waned from it. When you watch it back to back, at least you are kept in the moment, but week to week isn’t working out so well for me. I admit, they had a good twist with the daughter and the advisor but that good twist wasn’t enough to prop it up from the regular cliché drama they are reverting too. If you know me, then you probably know that I refer to CW’s DC shows as 90210 in tights, well… I’m starting to feel like Knightfall is becoming 90210 in chainmail. Landry sleeping with the queen and the betrayal of the king who views him as his best friend…. UGH!!!!!!!!! There are only 2 episodes left for season 1 so I’ll finish it up but… I’m not sure I’ll be interested enough for when season 2 comes back.

Jury Duty Summons… AGAIN…

I’m so over these damn Jury Duty summons coming yearly. The founding fathers were wrong about jury duty. For one, it is against my liberty and freedom to be forced to show up for this time waste. Secondly… does anyone really think they actually get a “jury of their peers?” I got news for you… you don’t. We should switch to a system of actual professional paid jurors who want to sit there and listen to these cases and then usher in verdicts. I certainly don’t want to, don’t care to, and don’t need the time suck.

Should I be taken from the big waiting area to the small waiting area, then I may get the question, “Are you able to follow the judges directions fully in making a decision on this case?” To which I will reply, “I don’t foresee an issue but I do know that the supreme court has validated jury nullification and if I disagree with any unfair law, I will make my own decision regardless of the judge’s directions.” Then I will get the boot because they certainly don’t want an independent thinker who knows how the law works sitting up there. I mean… if it was a non-violent drug offense or prostitution or any offense of the law that did not hurt anyone else, I would be a NOT GUILTY vote, regardless of what the judge wants me to decide. SCOTUS defends the position of the jury being the only one to decide so BAM!!! In your face you high and mighty deceivers.

That’s the Stream and I judge this to be the line… Until next time!!!

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 1/30/18

That’s a lot of Commissions… Just Saying…

I’m in several of the comic book art groups on FB and I’ve noticed, whenever someone posts up art they are working on, they have to preface it with, “This is a commission of X that I’m working on.” My BS sensors red line every time I see this. There is no way that all of these people are selling commissioned comic book art of characters. I theorize that most of these people want it to seem like they are getting paid for drawing comic book characters versus just drawing them for the fun of it. It’s sad really… I draw stuff just to draw it.

*Drawing above is mine.

iPhone iOS 11 Camera FAIL

Thanks work phone… I had to figure out why the pictures when downloaded wouldn’t come out right and it is because after iOS 11, Apple ditched JPG for HEIC (proprietary crap). So you have to go into the camera and make a deselection in order for the camera to put out JPG again. Android may have some issues but at least it doesn’t do stupid stuff like this.


I’ll be skipping Dragon*Con this year. The Con has just gotten too big and is managed very poorly now. It’s way too hard to navigate through the throng of people and just getting in to any major panel means hours and hours in a line while the rest of the Con goes by. The entire length of Peachtree St. in Atlanta should be shut down for at least that Saturday, so people can move more freely, but for some reason Atlanta is dumb and keeps this main street open for those that are just coming down to people watch Con goers. Another issue over the last 2 years is that all of the vendors have been moved to the 4 floors of the Americas Mart. So instead of being able to check out vendors that are spread out at the individual hotels, while waiting for certain panels in that hotel, you have to go to one location for all the vendors. It was so bad last year that they made a line for vendor entry (which I just went around because I am not waiting in any line to go through vendors). Inside, it is so packed with people that several aisles you cannot even make your way down. Then you have the fact that it is 4 floors of vendors selling relatively the same pop culture stuff and it all sort of blurs together. Yes… even shopping was a hassle at the Con. So for the time being, I’m going to ditch the Con. When something becomes so much of a burden that all of the fun is drained out, then what’s the point???

Star Trek Discovery (up to ep #13)

WOW!!! Just WOW!!! The back half of the season (10 onward) has been edge of your seat tension and massive twists in the story. When a major character is killed, it’s a jaw dropping moment that leaves the viewer saying, “NO WAY!!!!!!!” I really do love this version of Star Trek. This is the type of Trek that I have always wanted. A connected arc and massive story that isn’t broken up into neat little episodes where everything is resolved in the last 10 minutes of the runtime. This is a remarkable show and even though there are still 2 episodes left in the 1st season… I can’t wait for season 2!!!

The News Media is Just so Much Trash

Changed the radio from talk to music. CHECK. Limited social media viewing. CHECK. Lowered the below pop up of “news articles” on the main Bing Search. CHECK. I’ve been going out of my way to steer clear of the crap news out there. Next up is probably ditching Daily Mail. I want to stay informed and I have several sites for that but Daily Mail has turned into this “me too” witchhunt vector for all of this sexual harassment. You don’t even need proof of harassment, just say it to someone in the media and Daily Mail will now carry it. There is so much “non-harassment” being viewed as harassment now, that the real harassment fades into the background for these sensational stories. I’m also tired of the sensational clickbait headlines. If your article starts a headline with “Yes or No” in the title, then you are clickbait. That isn’t even journalism. That’s pure persuasion editorial. Sites that want to be real journalism but use these headlines are no better than an editorial blogger. Hell… I don’t even start titles in this unprofessional way and I’m blogging. I don’t want every aspect of living to be political and I don’t think every aspect of living should be newsworthy but thanks to the internet… that’s where we are. So one has to take proactive measures to defend against it.

Count me out of the Partisan Political Circus

I didn’t watch the leftist Grammys Sunday night and I’m not watching the rightist State of the Unions tonight. I refuse to worship at the altar of partisan BS. Both sides rival each other in ignorance and thick headedness. Both sides wouldn’t know a good compromise if it came up to them and sat on their faces.

Is Hangouts Dead Too?

I used to have some great Hangouts groups where we had some good convo’s that were always ongoing. It seems like more and more people are ditching Hangouts now too. People are still showing as being apart of the Hangout but the responses are now on par with what you get from G+… The Sounds… of Silence…

In that case… The same method I’m taking with my blog and social media will apply there too… Just go to my blog if you want to read anything because I’m taking myself out of dead convo’s and sites that are stagnant. Why write to the void in more than one place?

That’s the Stream… That’s the line… You’ve been Streamlined!!!

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 1/29/18

Inbox/Gmail and the Missing Notifications

I’ve about had it with Google Email. I’ve been using Inbox for years now and all of sudden, about 3 months ago, it just stops giving notifications for new mail. Yesterday, I re-enabled Gmail notifications, in the hope that the notification would come from there but no dice. No notifications and when I open Inbox it asks me if I want to disable the Gmail notifications so I don’t get dual notifications… SMDH… I’ve been moving more and more stuff over to Outlook so it looks like that is the direction it will all go. Google never fails to disappoint me these days.

I NO Political

It’s been great being on the outside of the majority of political talk lately. For the most part, I’ve been avoiding it like the plague on social networking. I switched from listening to WSB talk radio to Alt 105.7 and the Woody show, just to get away from the constant barrage. Seriously… I was and am so over every aspect of politics being talked about and investigated. Sure, I still know the happenings and bullet points for the day and I speak on that but then after sending it out (mostly via a Streamline entry here), I let it go. I have no interest in debating political plot points any longer. It’s a waste of time and listening to it all of the time just creates undue stress for something that you cannot change. You get soaked in political rhetoric, then you debate it to no end, and you are still left stressed about it. No thanks. A side note: I sure don’t need politics in my entertainment either. So if a “star” or “celebrity” is on the soapbox, it means nothing. Think about it… Social media allegedly had a ton of Russian accounts pushing for Trump but at the same time social media had all of Hollywood and every celebrity (with much more followers I might add) telling their followers to vote for Clinton. How is that different? It’s not.

What’s Going On Valiant???

Rumor broke this morning on Bleeding Cool that Valiant Entertainment (My favorite comic book company) had been sold. Last night Dinesh Shamdasani (Valiant CEO and the most EXCELLENT frontman for any comic book company outside of Stan “the man” Lee) tweeted out: “Defeat snatched from the jaws of victory.” -Jim Shooter, 1992

UPDATE: DMG Entertainment has bought Valiant Entertainment in its entirety. Dinesh is being transitioned out (sad because he was the fan of Valiant as a kid who grew up to buy the comic company he loved). The really horrifying part of all of this is that the CEO of DMG said that this buy was to move the properties into movies and other media and “NOT to expand the publishing.” That to me, makes me think that Valiant Comics will be an afterthought and the characters I know and love will just be used/pushed for movies and TV. That is a sad proposition as Valiant Comics has the BEST universe in comics right now. While it would be awesome to see these characters on the big screen, it would suck to lose them in the comic book form. I’ll guess all we can do for now is wait and see how all of this pans out… Crossing fingers…

Shameless Season 8 Finale

Season 8 of Shameless came to an end last night and it was pretty good, maybe a little disjointed. It seems like the individual Gallaghers are all on an upswing, while Frank, who started the season on an upswing is back on a downswing. Season 9 will be back on Showtime closer to the end of 2018.

I purchased Showtime via Amazon Channels and I have to say, Showtime needs to purchase more bandwidth. Everything is fine until Shameless was ready to go live weekly, then the drops from HD would take effect. This never happened on HBO during Game of Thrones, who I guarantee has more viewers than Shameless (though Shameless probably has the most viewers of any of the Showtimes shows). The great thing about Amazon Channels is that you can purchase for monthly viewing and then cancel at anytime. Shameless is really the ONLY thing interesting right now on Showtime so now that it is over, I’ll cancel my subscription. When it comes back on, I may wait for the entire season 9 to add up and air so I can just buy the channel for a month and binge watch it, or I’ll just wait for it to hit Netflix. The bandwidth issue is seriously annoying to the viewing experience and I don’t feel like paying for the channel over a 4 – 5 month period only to fight with bandwidth every week. So hey, Showtime!!! Buy more bandwidth!!!

I’ve got nothing else… That’s the Stream for today…

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 1/28/18

Pixel 2 to Surface Pro 4 and the Post “Computer” World

It’s official… I use my Surface Pro 4 more than my Pixel 2 Chromebook. It’s been moving this way steadily since I got the SP4 and now most of the stuff I do that requires a “computer” is done on it. YES, I highlighted computer because in a lot of ways, the SP4 is so much more than just a full fledged computer. While 2 in 1 devices can be computers, they can also be great tablets, media, and art (drawing to music) devices. The general way to think of a computer is that of this big tower device over in the corner by your desk. I haven’t had a computer (tower)… well… ever. The first computer I ever used was the Commodore 64 but that was no tower. That’s pure retro computing now. When I was older, I bought a blocky Toshiba laptop from a friend and then it was just laptops, Chromebooks, and now the Surface since then.

I bring this up because lately online, I see more people actually angry over the latest Apple commercial (to be fair, this commercial has been going for a long time now, where were these people???) They hate the fact that when the Mom asks the girl, “What are you doing on your computer?” She replies, “What’s a computer?” That’s the old fogie in these people who still want to group everything under a term that doesn’t totally fit the devices we have today. I mean, I don’t even refer to my Surface as a “computer” and while I know it is, I refer to it as a 2 in 1 because that fits the definition much better than “computer.”

Oh well… some people love to to live in past categories even after those categories have long since changed.

Your Partisan BS of the Day

Dear Democrats, The Trump plan/deal/compromise for the Dreamers to get citizenship is a good deal, yet you fools are still freaking whining!!!

Dear Republicans, The Trump plan/deal/compromise to get your wall funding is a good deal, yet you fools are still freaking whining.

The BEST deals and compromises are where both sides get something they want but both sides don’t get everything they want. This deal fits that perfectly. Sadly both sides are so damn partisan that they can’t even recognize that the other side has valid points to make. So each side goes to their corner and sucks on their thumbs like the partisan babies they are. YOU partisan people are the main thing wrong with this country.

Mass Effect the Series

I’ve downloaded the trilogy to my Xbox One. I’ve also installed Mass Effect Andromeda. Last night I started replaying the first Mass Effect again (I’ve played through it twice before) so after I beat that, hopefully when I start up ME3, the save file from the cloud save will cross over to it from ME1. Same for ME2 to ME3. That’s a lot of game playing to be redone/done… I wonder how far I’ll get???

Now that the X-men are coming back, are the Inhumans finally out?

Marvel Comics has been pushing the Inhumans for several years now and no one cares. The reason they are is because Marvel Studios didn’t have the movie or TV rights to the X-men or even the word “mutant” so in an effort to get people refocused, and make more money, the Inhumans were brought up to A list. The kicker… No one, NO ONE… Likes the Inhumans. Sure, the storyline in the Agents of Shield TV show is excellent but as far as comics go, people want the X-men, not the Inhumans. So now that Marvel, through Disney, is getting the X-men rights back, will Marvel Comics please demote the Inhumans once again? Please?

Star Trek Discovery

I’m sold!!! This is the BEST version of Star Trek since I was originally introduced to the original series as a kid. THIS is how I want my Star Trek!!! It completely revitalizes Trek. You get a long form story with tension, mystery, action, and science. The characters are awesome. The CGI is better than the movies even. These episodes are all done with a high quality that make each seem on par with a full budget movie. I am truly impressed.

An aside… Those who don’t think action is apart of Star Trek, must have forgot the original series. If anything, TNG onward was less of the real Trek as they always had a deus ex machina in the final 10 minutes of each episode just so they could “science” their way out with no action. Sorry but… Real Star Trek HAS action involved. If you don’t like this, go watch your boring TNG or Voyager. I love this new series. Like I said, it was the revitalization that Star Trek badly NEEDED!!!

That’s the Stream… Keep on Treking!!!!!!!!

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 1/25/18

X-Files: The Lost Art of Forehead Sweat

X-files this season has been great. Last night’s episode was a stand alone (I personally like the mythology episodes more) and I loved it. It was about how we could be in a parallel world and leaned to the more comedic side. The timing between Mulder and Scully on the comedy was excellent too. Little Mulder was great!!! The hilarious “Trump Alien” had me in tears when he explained that the Earth had been walled off from everything else in the universe because humans are liars and they are so destructive. It’s really not that hard to believe that that just may be the actual truth out there when you look at humanity today. Compared to last season, this season (which is most likely the last) is firing on all cylinders.

Josh Gates really does have the BEST job EVER!!!

I wish had the job of Josh Gates. You really can’t beat it. Travelling to locations in track of relics and stories from history. It’s archaeology Indiana Jones style without the guns, Nazis, and deadly snakes all over the place… I realize that in some cases the drama ratchets up for Expedition Unknown and some stuff looks staged every now and again but it’s still a great show that takes people to the actual places and on an actual journey through history. Much like with Oak Island… I keep hoping Josh will actually finds some treasure or an ancient relic that he is looking for. Seriously though… I think the job he has would be my dream job now. It’s certainly better than being stuck in a closet with no windows, no real ventilation, and hard lighting all day long.

Traffic in Atlanta Sucks.

It just gets worse and worse. I live 5 miles from work but it takes 25 to 30 minutes in the morning now just to get there (no highways) and then 40 to 60 minutes to get home (again, no need for highways). Technically, we should be working from home since 80% of what we do could be done from home but that’s not going to happen because the company is stuck in this mindset of old outdated ways. Even the previous company I worked for has moved to a full work from home dynamic. Damn… maybe I should have stayed put… Anyway, the traffic issue has me looking for more work from home positions that do not require rush hour driving or even closer places that do not require being in the two rush hours for this damn long. Something has to change because this isn’t working for me any longer. I’m tired of wasting an hour and a half of my time/life on traffic every day.

You know how the Government Requisitions People’s Info from ISP’s?

Yeah… well, you Net Neutrality nincompoops are going to make it easier and easier for everyone to have control over our private data, but us. You see, if WE have control over our data, then ISP’s can’t just hand it over. However, if NN is in play, and ISP’s are regulated, then the government is so much closer to just taking that info, no questions asked. But you people in your illogical stances on everything NEVER freaking think anything through. No wonder most humans can be manipulated so easily.

The Secret Societies of Jest…

So a few days back I wrote about the big hubbub going on with missing text messages in the FBI and the actual talk (evidence) of a “secret society” within the FBI trying to stop the Trump presidency. Virtually every New Media news site was talking about it and had quotes from representatives who had seen the evidence. Fast Forward to today and we find that this all hinges on a text message made by Lisa Page, who is against a Trump, but was making a JOKE. If you read the text with any logic or reason you see it was made in jest where “secret societies” are concerned.

In my opinion… The “NEW MEDIA” is just as BS as the Mainstream Media (MSM). The NM puts out rumors and BS from the right while the MSM puts out rumors and lies from the left. It’s a freaking game to these political pundits though. The NEWS… ALL NEWS has become Entertainment Media to get your views, clicks, and attention for ad dollars. So your best bet: TAKE ALL NEWS WITH A GRAIN OF SALT… because it is probably BS anyway.

Diversity in Toys… And how it actually plays out…

I kept hearing on Pop Culture sites how not enough “action figures of girls” were made for such properties as Star Wars, Marvel, DC, Etc… Before we go any further, lets realize the FACT that boys and girls are different and tend to play differently. Sure, a minority will cross over but for most, there is a difference. It’s a damn FACT. Now then… When I was at Target or Walmart, I’d take a look at the action figures on the shelves and guess what I found? The female action figures tended to line the shelves from several of those lines. Meaning… The boys wanting toys, did not want to buy the female action figures. Is this sexist or genderist? No, it’s called fucking reality. Back when that all female Ghostbusters was released, the majority of those toys, sold in the boy’s toy aisles, ended up going onto clearance and just sitting there. This should have been easy to see as the outcome but this PC SJW crap society we live in, marketing now has to ignore things that are important, like the fact that male toys are not female toys and vice versa… So you get companies wasting money to create toys only a small minority is buying (mainly SJW 20 somethings). Those same whiners head to social media to complain if the action figure of Rey is not represented equal to that of Finn in the Star Wars lines… even though that Rey action figure has less sell through.

The point being… Males and Females are different and if you stop recognizing that FACT, you start doing stupid stuff that is just a waste of time and money when you are trying to market to your audience. Stop the insanity of the PC SJW already. It’s just stupid.

You know… this is the Stream and that’s the Line… Stream you next time!!!

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 1/24/18

Just because you can, should you?

This beyond reckless idea that the Earth can support 10 Billion+ people so hey… “Let’s do it!!!” Is once again being pushed out by those on the right who have no care for the environment or living conditions. Can you fit 23 illegal aliens into a 3 bedroom house? Sure. Should you? NO. Same dynamic.

The point is, there are too many people already. Humans are spreading like a virus. This destroys the environment and it erodes the living conditions of those already alive. Quite frankly… a lot of “births” are irresponsible and happen where the child can’t be supported. Never mind when someone keeps popping them out for a subsidized living on the government dime, which happens rapantly.

Do we need population control on a global scale? Yes, we probably do. How to implement that is the rub. Leave it to humans to keep messing this planet up though.

Facebook is like a stream of babies and kids…

Speaking of overpopulation and too many kids… Seriously… we get it… you love your babies. They make albums for that you know. You can post all of your baby pics in an album and call it a day. Instead, you people want to keep posting shot after shot in the main stream of everyone that follows you on Facebook. I need an algorithm that hides all posts about babies, kids, or what the kids are up to. No offense people, but I just don’t care.

Millennial Drama… er… Editorial Whining…

I read an article on Engadget that was about exclusive tabletop board games being made on Kickstarter (I no longer do any crowdfunding, I’ve been burned too many times), and the writer basically wrote the entire article so she could complain about how it was exclusive and made her decide right then and there to fund the project so she could get it. That’s a nice blog like article and all but this was being used as an article on Engadget, once again pointing to how most media (news, tech, pop culture) has turned into nothing but blogging editorial.

With my site here, you can expect editorial because this is a blog. I’m not some media site pretending to be a media source. I say what I want to say. The media sites however, have decided to mainly just be the same as a blog. Their writers all take on a point of view instead of relaying journalistic facts from both sides of the spectrum and letting the reader decide. Their writers basically insert themselves into the story via their slanted opinion. I really don’t see this changing anytime soon either. It’s bad journalism and written from a media source as a way for persuasion. Readers beware.

The Ups and Downs of Oak Island

I was almost certain that Rick and Marty would find the treasure in the latest hole that they dug. After it had slipped roughly 10 feet into a void, it all but seemed certain. Then the spoils start coming up and… nothing.

Obviously Rick and Marty are invested monetarily in this endeavor, but we as the viewer, are invested emotionally and are not only hoping to see a real life treasure hunt be solved, but we also want for the these two treasure hunters to see the fruits of their intense labor come to pass. I see the expressions on their faces when things don’t work out and believe me, I feel the same, albeit not as intense. Their hunt for the treasure vault has us viewers utterly captivated, not just with finding the treasure but seeing them find the treasure and the joy it will bring them. We can’t all be treasure hunters so I admit, this is sort of living vicariously through them. We get the highs and the lows of the treasure hunt and we are on this roller coaster ride with them. When they do find the treasure, I kind of feel like it will be a better and a more accomplished feeling than some football team winning the Super Bowl and holding the trophy aloft for all to see.

I read that Mark Burnett has to convince the brothers to come back with the show every year because the brothers are not really into the reality TV show thing and never wanted the TV fame that came with it. I get that, though I do hope they keep coming back so we can see them find the treasure and get the celebration and success they deserve, and so to we would get a great conclusion to the mystery and the story of Oak Island.

Android O to P

Only 0.7% of phones on the market have the Android O(reo) OS update now. Google I/O is in May and that will be when Android P is released to developers. This is important because it shows how Google has once again lost its mind. Google should go to a 2 year lettered OS release cycle. The miniscule advancements that were currently being done do not warrant a full letter release jump anymore. The lettered OS release also no longer warrants people buying new phones and upgrading without any real advancement. There was literally nothing in Android Oreo that was worth sinking money into a new phone just to acquire it. Android P will be much the same way. We’ve reached a saturation point and Google just doesn’t get it. At this point, the best thing for Android would actually be for someone other than Google controlling and managing it.

Why Bitcoin is a VERY Bad Investment

Speculation, Volatility based on that speculation, high transaction fees, transaction delays at a point of purchase based on high volatility, and no intrinsic worth other psychological, make it a VERY bad currency. One good EMP blast at an exchange and your 1’s & 0’s based Bitcoin is history.

I get all of the arguments against fiat currency but Bitcoin is not the solution and as it is now fluctuating, not even a good idea to go in on in any way, shape, or form. In fact, more places are dumping bitcoin payments than ever before because how can you charge a price for something when the currency exchange rate changes within the span of a few seconds? It’s basically a techie libertarian pipe dream solution that will NEVER be the replacement for gold, silver, or backed fiat currency, no matter how bad the backing is.

If someone tries to get you excited about Bitcoin and lure you in to investing, run, don’t walk, but run away from them. Unless you are a day trader who plans a strategic short term buy and sell, then Bitcoin is just a pipe dream investment. Seriously… Using bottle caps as currency in the game Fallout is more logical than using Bitcoin EVER. Steer clear!!!

That’s the Streamline for today… Stream you later!!!

Streamline (Stream of Thought) 1/23/18

The Superbowl

I’m not watching it this year. Not because of the bended knee political crap or even because the rules of the game are a damn mess these days… Nope… I’m not watching because I’m tired of the New England Patriots. This team is so damn boring. Much like the Yankees, only people from that area actually like this team. They’ve been to the SB over and over again and frankly… I’m just over them being in it. Not even the commercials could make watch it this year.

Petitions are Created by the Weakest Humans Amongst Us

There is a petition to remove The Last Jedi from Star Wars canon because some “fans” were pissy about it. The moment anything happens that peeves anyone off, there is a petition made. Stub your toe on a curb? Go ahead and create a petition to funnel your anger against all curbs. The weakest humans amongst us are probably the people creating these stupid petitions. In their attempt to find some meaning in their own lives and pretend they are doing something for a made up cause, they rush off to file a petition. People who create petitions, and people who sign them, just get an eye roll and a shrug from me.

The Bombs in Space from Star Wars The Last Jedi

We now have an answer for why these bombs dropped in space, actually fell. The bombs use sequenced magnetic plates to propel them toward their target. Since the Star Destroyer was the lock, the bombs were being magnetically pushed downward into it.

I’m sure they may have come up with this after the fact but it does solve the issue that so many had about the bombs dropping in the vacuum of space. Maybe that will kill at least one petition out there.

Secret Society within the FBI

We’re learning of a secret society within the FBI that was created to oppose Trump. Honestly… I wish I was making this up but nope. The FBI has a 5 month gap in stored text messages that they were supposed to be keeping. They have 2 people (working on this special council to find Russians (think No Way Out) but there are none). Both of these people point to a secret initiative. We have collusion between Loretta Lynch and James Comey to not indict or go after Hillary Clinton. We have a real thriller going on in reality that smacks of being more like a movie. Of course we have mindless partisans on both sides too. We have sides cheering this new news on, though the correct response should be shock and betrayal, and the other side claiming ignorance to it all. I’m sorry but if you are still defending Clinton, you’re a dumbass. Point blank. Trump may not be all that but Clinton is as dirty as they come and defending her makes those that do so, look like clowns.

Mass Effect Series (Backwards Compatibility on Xbox)

I just checked online and it says that DLC (Download Content) I bought for backward compatible games on the Xbox One (from the 360) should automatically download to the XB1 when I put the 360 disc in. I may give this a try with Mass Effect, as I have all 3 of them, and would actually like to replay them (even though I’m pretty much done with gaming) I think. Obviously the saves don’t cross over so I’d probably have to create a new character in each game. My 360 is having issues with the disk eject. I basically have to pry it open so if I can just move this series to the XB1 then that should be enough.

Will this make me buy the newer, but radically panned Mass Effect Andromeda? Who knows? I’ve heard some people liked it and some people didn’t. I don’t really trust reviews online anymore as you can find a review, reviews, or batches of comments about 50/50 down the line on any given subject to justify completely opposite views. All reviews are completely subjective, even mine on this site.

A Wikipedia Trail…

I started out looking at Titan, a moon of Saturn. I had not known that we had pictures from the surface (as we also do with Venus and they look remarkably similar). So it was cool to see these pictures and read about the makeup of this moon. Watching the movie Magellan on Prime last night, where the mission goes to Titan, pretty much set me off on this course. This led me to look at other planets and their atmospheric compositions, which lead to looking at the Oort Cloud and then Sagittarius A, the black hole at the center of the Milky Way. Somehow I saw a line in a search term that led to a descendant of Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, to which this person said in 1970 that we would never set foot on the moon (proved him wrong, obviously). That led me to looking for these mysterious Golden Plates that supposedly Joseph Smith found in a cave outside of New York (in a hill that is geologically incapable of having a cave no less), to which he translated (with the help of a stone) the Book of Mormon and then gave the golden plates back to the entity in the cave known as Moroni (is this angel/entity Italian?). Of course, a good geological survey of this hill could prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that there is no cave and no golden plates hidden within but the Mormon church owns the hill and of course, why would they want to dig up the hill to disprove their religion, which borders on a fantasy that is closer to scientology than Christianity even, as far as the origin of this religion. Not until “Articles of Faith” are introduced, do they take on the more Christian leanings. The plates were supposedly written in “Reformed Egyption” but a transcript that was reportedly copied from the plates shows writing that is not linked to any Egyption… or any language ever found. It actually looks like lettering from several different languages all mashed up, if you ask me. So you know… fake… made up… not real… When he translated the pages, by putting “seer” stones in a hat and then putting his face in the hat, the initial 116 pages came forth. His wife lost them. He said he was not allowed to re-translate them (convenient, as the words and text would be different if the original 116 pages turned up again). After he supposedly finished his translation, he gave the plates back to the Italian on the hill (convenient again, as there is no proof of their existence). The actual church doesn’t seem to think that the plates are integral to the religion itself but to dismiss them, pretty much dismisses the entire religion, doesn’t it? If you are a Mormon, and you are reading this, and you are still faithful… You have much more faith in this type of backstory than I.

Joseph Smith seemed to be a borderline pathological liar when it came to things he translated. From the fabled golden plates to the Joseph Smith Papyri, which he said were the actual writings of Abraham, but turned out to be Egyption writings on funerals and other such stuff that had nothing to do with Abraham. Yet this Book of Abraham, based off of Egyptian papyri that have nothing to do with Abraham are canonized by the church as being “real.” Facts just don’t matter where religion is concerned.

This is how humans act though, even today. They find something they want to believe, put their full faith in believing it, then when all logic, common sense, and reality bring forth alternate facts, they maintain their “faith” because they already put so much into it. Partisan politics and even policy driven science is much the same way, It’s annoying as anything because when you read a history of how the Mormon religion came to be, one should easily see through it. How then can so many people subscribe to it?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… We do NOT live in a enlightened society. Most people want to be told what to do and how to be, so they look to religion or government to do this. Using any form of nuance or critical thinking based on logic and reason is not within reach of them, because they refuse to use it. Maybe I should just create a new religion… Looks to be easy enough.

Anyway… The trail ended up at Edgar Allan Poe, who had associations with Charles Anthon, who had proclaimed that the Reformed Egyption that Joseph Smith was trying to pass off was utter garbage and nothing but a fraud (he’s right)… Anyway Edgar Allan Poe also tried to capitalize off of Anthon’s reputation to make a national name for himself. This didn’t work at the time though because of accusations of plagiarism leveled at Poe. Of course, we all know that Poe went onto become one of the greats in American literature… albeit after his death.

From Titan to Poe… What an information trail that was!!!

That’s the Stream… Stream you next time…