The Social Retreat and Star Wars Split

I posted yesterday on Twitter that a good rule of thumb to being stress free on the internet is to avoid commenting on stories and articles. By afternoon, I had put my foot in my mouth and retweeted (with comment) my opinion on something that was different than the original post that was tweeted out by another. This led to a back and forth with the person who tweeted the original tweet. He had taken my meaning to be a slight on him when it wasn’t. That got me thinking about my earlier tweet and the fact that having your own opinion can be seen as being argumentative or grumpy if you package that opinion against the opinion of another. Ergo… To stay stress free on the internet, it’s best not to comment on anything you reshare, and if you have differing opinions from the original post, just create something new if you feel the need to express your own opinion on it. In other words, if you disagree or have an alternate opinion, don’t share the person’s original posting at all. Admittedly, I should have just left it as it was after the first comment but for some strange reason the need to clarify my opinion was there, and this was wrong on my part.

I despise that it has come to this but I don’t feel like explaining and defending my position on every post, tweet, or share. If I put my opinion out there and it differs from yours then so be it. We’re not all automatons. The whole back and forth just caused stress for no reason. If I could have just gone back and deleted the retweet I would have. That’s the point I’ve come to… I don’t like to share online anymore because it always ends up in some sort of debate. People can’t just be allowed to put something out there as a difference of opinion anymore. Instead, if there is a difference of opinion, it has to be debated and placed in committee as to why one opinion is different than another and which is more valid. It gives me a headache. So much so that I’d rather not participate in the discussion. A side note, the person I retweeted is a great person and he gets this too. Online social network conversations leave out human gestures, nuance, and the things in real conversation that tell others that this isn’t a debate, just a reference of opinion. Social networking is NOT a replacement for real person to person conversation.

The way social networking is now isn’t social and it isn’t exchanging new ideas. It’s 100% about why one opinion is right and another is wrong when it’s all just opinion (neither right nor wrong). Regardless… I’m tired of the constant debate about things. So much so that I’ve even started shedding many of the groups I’m in on Facebook. The down the middle split of people who like/dislike the New Star Wars The Last Jedi has shown me that comments are pure crap now too. I’ve ditched pretty much all of the sci-fi groups I was in because this argument is stupid and not worth my time. If you didn’t like it, fine. Why do you feel the need to prove it sucked (in your opinion). If you liked it, fine. Why do you feel the need to prove it was great (in your opinion). There is no wrong or right answer here. I personally liked the movie a lot but I’m not going to debate my tastes to someone who didn’t. If you didn’t like it, good for you. I really don’t care about your reasons why you didn’t like it. If I did, I’d search for your review on it.

It’s not just about movies though, it’s every damn thing now. Reviews are pure trash now too because EVERYONE reviews everything. Therefore, almost everything gets a fairly even split of being good and bad. It all comes back to make up your own mind and forget trying to convince others that your opinion is right.

The internet was a good idea. Social networking… not so much.

The BEST of 2017 Year End Wrap!!!

BEST Movie of 2017

For me, it was without a doubt Spider-man Homecoming. Marvel did right by me in bringing Spidey to life in a way that was very true to his early (and Ultimate) comic book form. The wise cracks were great, the action and adventure were on target, and updating the suit with “Hey Suit lady.” was a great addition. I can’t wait to see ole web head in Avengers Infinity War and the next Spidey movie.

Runners up:

Wonder Woman

Star Wars The Last Jedi

Justice League

BEST TV Show of 2017

The BEST TV show of 2017 was without a doubt Mr. Robot. Season 2 saw this show fall from my top 10 due to the slow pacing but season 3 rocketed this excellent show back to the top spot with its intense tension that filled each and every episode this year. There were moments where I found myself just holding my breath for what was to come next because the tension was so damn high. I’m super excited for the 4th season in 2018!!!

Runners up:

Game Of Thrones


Blood Drive

BEST Comic of 2017

The BEST Comic for 2017 was Ninjak (a second volume just started as Ninja-K) from Valiant Comics. Think Tony Stark crossed with Batman for a hi-tech Ninja that contracts with MI-6. The art is extraordinary, the stories are adult and in depth, and it’s an all around fun read.

Runners up:


X-O Manowar

Scooby Apocalypse

*I didn’t read any new release books from 2017 as I’m still digging into older books such as Game of Thrones and some cyberpunk stuff from back in the day. Nor did I actively play any video games much in the last year, so that’s why both of those are not on this list. I’m trying to keep to things that were released or happened in 2017.

Most Anticipated Movie of 2018

Avengers Infinity War

Most Anticipated TV Show of 2018

Mr. Robot

Most Anticipated Comic of 2018

Ninjak vs the Valiant Universe (companion comic for the coming web movie release)

And that’s the wrap… Here’s looking forward to 2018!!!!!!!!!!

I’m Not Getting My Jetpack Am I?

When I was a kid, I had teachers who actually said, “By the time you are older, you’ll be flying around in jetpacks and flying cars.” I’m still waiting.

Sadly, I don’t see it happening and the reason being: Power Lines. Do you think the government would really allow us the freedom to strap on a jetpack, shoot up into the sky, and then chance being tied up in a power line? I’m fairly certain, that if jetpacks ever became economically viable and had the ability to last more than a minute, that the government would shut our fun new way of travel down real quick. I get it… You would have power line electrocutions on a regular basis. Just as we have car accidents now, but in this case, you would have people pissed that they have no power because Joe Smith went out and got drunk, strapped on the jetpack, and took a wild ride into the power line. Joe Smith won’t be doing any drunk flying after that one time though. Flying cars would even have stricter regulations. What if Joe Smith instead took the Porsche Air 911 out on a bender and crashed into a house? The fit is going to hit the shan then.

So here I sit, dreaming about flying high with my jetpack, the warmth of the engines toasting the backs of my legs, as I’m pushed into the fluffy white clouds above… only a dream of a future that probably won’t happen because of power lines… and irresponsible un-evolved monkeys who want to drink and fly… (sigh)…

Quick Hits: The Monthly Pop Culture Round Up

Star Wars The Last Jedi

I saw Star Wars The Last Jedi Saturday morning and I loved it. It was fun, it was visual, and despite a nit picky audience, it did Star Wars proud. I did go in knowing what the spoilers would be. When I had read through the spoilers on Friday, I have to say, they made me mad. Mad enough to lower my expectations. In the end, while every spoiler was in there, none of them really mattered. It proved to be a movie that flew over the audience criticisms and I enjoyed it thoroughly. If you haven’t seen The Last Jedi yet, what are you waiting for? GO SEE IT!!!

The Amazing Spider-man Worldwide

I’ve sworn off reading/buying Marvel comics ever since they retconned the Peter/MJ marriage, after all, Spider-man is my favorite superhero. I had every right to be mad. With that said, the artwork and the change up in the dynamic of Peter Parker’s life had been piquing my interest. I may not have bought or read any current Marvel comics, but I did stay in the know. With Worldwide, Parker had become a Tony Stark-like persona with his own company, Parker Industries, and Spider-man was now, much like Iron Man, Peter’s secret identity that was also his bodyguard.

I ended up picking up the trades via Comixology and I have to say, this has been a super fun read. Yes, Marvel, you lured me back with this. I wouldn’t even mind if Peter Parker got involved long term with Bobbi Morse (Mockingbird) since their dynamic together has been so damn good in this. Also… We really need a Cloak and Dagger monthly!!! This team seems so much more interesting now, than how they were portrayed in the 90’s.

I may even put Spider-man back on my Comixology subscription list now… Well played Marvel… Well played…

My Comixology Subscriptions…

That brings me to my Comixology subscriptions. I feel a change is coming. All summer I have immersed myself in The Valiant Universe but there is a tremor in the verse. Harbinger Renegades seems to have gone on hiatus until Harbinger Wars 2 starts later next year (2018) meaning that subscription is currently TBD (To Be Determined for a release date). The last several issues seemed to be meandering, which was odd because everything to do with Harbingers had been excellent. It started to feel like they were just milking it to get to the Harbinger Wars 2 “event” instead of trying to offer up anything in the time being. Then all of a sudden, the monthly title is on hiatus after they print up a #0 last month. I’m not happy about that.

Bloodshot Salvation has been written really weird too, ever since this new volume debuted. The 4th book was completely done as a backstory for Rampage, a new bad guy that they are introducing. As a matter of fact, this issue #4 felt like one of the last issues for Harbinger Renegades that had nothing to do with the current book but making a setup issue for the bad guy that is to come. When I got the end of reading both of these, it kind of felt like spinning wheels. Introducing new villains and such should still have something to do with the current book. After all… I’m not buying the book for Rampage. I’m buying the book to see what happens to Bloodshot. It shouldn’t take a whole book to tell the past on one bad guy.

That brings me to X-O Manowar. I’ve been liking where it is going but some of the art that is coming up, which has been previewed, has got me worried. One of the things that I rave on Valiant for, is the excellent artwork. These new upcoming pages don’t look like they hold up to past work. Hopefully this won’t be an ongoing trend.

Ninja-K issue #1 was awesome!!! Still my favorite standout character in The Valiant Universe. If you haven’t checked out the new Ninja-K, then you should go check it out immediately.

I’ll probably remove Harbinger Renegades from my subscriptions for now since it is on hiatus. Bloodshot may go next if it doesn’t get back on track. The same for X-O if the artwork suffers too much. Ninja-K is secure in every way right now.


-I’m done with The Walking Dead. I just can’t anymore… That show has just gotten so bad that “hate watching” it doesn’t sustain my interest in it.

Mr. Robot S3 just ended and DAMN… By far the BEST show on TV. So much tension in every episode!!! I can’t wait for S4 (which has been greenlit out of 5 seasons in total).

Shameless on showtime is still proving to be a powerhouse of a show. I just can’t get enough of the Gallaghers. We’re at the halfway point for this season and it is MUST WATCH TV!!!

Agents of Shield S5 has been really good too this year. Moving the agents to future space has proved to be a good decision. And Fitz just showed up!!!

Knightfall on History had me excited… then I watched the first 2 episodes and I’m just not feeling it. I start doing other stuff while it is on because the characters are just not holding my attention. This one might be over for me.

Until next time…

Most News Sites are Nothing more than Blogs

The internet gives everyone a voice. Unfortunately, it made bloggers think they were journalists at the same time. THIS is a blog. I’m not relaying any information that is not of my opinion. However, everything from news to tech to pop culture sites are dressed up as news but have bloggers with no idea how journalism and ethics even work. This lack of decorum completely ditches journalistic integrity and ethics in favor of slanted editorial meant to NOT relay the news but make the news and push opinion. That isn’t how it is supposed to work.

Once these glorified bloggers have posted up their opinion pieces, they race over to Twitter and Facebook and whatever other social network they are on and they proceed to blast out their opinion where it will be shared by the mindless sheep who are pushovers for being told what to do, how to think, and how to act. The general population is very much of the hive mind subservient type these days. These opinion pieces, which are almost always wrong when it comes to having any facts, are then shared over and over and people believe it as if it was some religion.

We really have very little real news anymore. Real news frames the picture, shows off both sides, and then lets the viewer or reader form their own opinions. That no longer happens. As a matter of fact, I’d say that 99% of the news these days is editorial opinion pushing an angle. The very headlines are opinions to TELL you what to do.

When it comes to headlines… you can spot bloggers quickly… They like doing this type of headline quite a bit these days: “No/Yes… X is/is not doing Y.” If the headline begins with “Yes” or “No” then you are dealing with a blogger that is pushing opinion. If you see one of these headlines, just keep moving. Don’t bother clicking on their clickbait articles.

The fact that “real news” sites now pay bloggers to push their editorial as news is alarming because “the free press” has died by being over ran by these paid bloggers opinions. I don’t want my news telling me how to think, what to do, or how to feel. I don’t want my news to be all about drama. I want my news to state the facts of both sides and for those relaying the news to be impartial. Unfortunately… that is a dead dynamic that has long since been buried by the rise of the paid bloggers.