Updated Style in the Form of an Urban Ninja

I came across some of these Urban Ninja pics when I was doing an image search and then tracked down the blog they came from. I must say, I really like this look. It’s like Ninja meets Cyberpunk in the dystopian city streets.
For more pics and to see just how the photo session went down please check it out: HERE
The main site is called: http://www.americanpeyote.com/

Obviously when we generally think of Ninja we think of this:

Sho Kosugi decked out in his all black Ninja outfit taking on his supposed friend and business partner in Revenge of the Ninja along with so many other great Ninja movies from the 80’s. But I think the updated outfits we tend to see in video games, Cosplay, and around the web really do well in innovating what once was just a black martial arts outfit with a mask.

Ninja Gaiden – Ryu Hayabusa by Darc-G 


Storm Shadow & Snake Eyes (G.I. Joe: Retaliation)
Scott Adkins – Ninja

As you can see… The modern to Urban styling in many ways not only update the look but add some interesting functionality with regards to added protection and a tighter fit in place of the old style. These new looks show off a style that one would think of as being cool, stealthy, and able to move with speed. Many have added a military aspect and why not? The special forces of today are in a lot of ways the modern Ninja of today.

I think the classic look will always remain ingrained in the consciousness but the updated looks generally look better for the world we live in now and the world that is coming. After all… The Ninja would do everything to fit in and be inconspicuous and hidden.


Author: jasonfalter

Aspiring writer that is not starving due to being in the Technology industry. Noir, Crime Fiction, Cyberpunk, Etc...

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