The "Oniyuri" 9260 Bujinkan Katana

The Oniyuri Bujinkan Katana

My Oniyuri is just beautiful!!! The 14″ inch handle is wrapped tight and feels really good in the hand. The blade at 23″ inches is just a marvel. This is truly the crown jewel of my collection.

It came in an elegantly designed wooden display case and was wrapped in a black cotton wrapped bag. As far as unboxing, this was the most high quality in boxing I’ve ever had when ordering a sword. No Styrofoam to speak of, and that was nice.

This is the sword that was originally designed for the Bujinkan Federation so this is as real and true as a Ninja sword can get; Bujinkan being the only real and authorized training in Ninjutsu still around today.

Below are several of the pics I took and the size comparison to the last sword I bought which was the Bushido Musashi Koga Ninja-to. Enjoy:


14″ handle
Oniyuri next to the Koga Ninja-to
Oniyuri next to the Koga Ninja-to
Below are the various links to the reviews of the Oniyuri and where you can buy it.

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