The Ninja Sword – Straight or Curved?

Oniyuri (curved) & Musashi Koga (straight)

I’ll start by saying that there is ZERO historical evidence that the Ninja-to (straight blade Ninja Sword) ever existed in Ninja history. No historical blades from that time period when the Ninja existed have EVER been found. So basically… the Ninja-to is a complete fabrication of Hollywood and movie making. It may have first showed up in the mid 60’s and it ingrained itself to be the weapon of the Ninja when the movies of the 80’s said it was so.

Now having said that… The Ninja-to is cool. It looks cool, it can be a functional weapon, and the online debate about it is all in all… just stupid.

I enjoy both the curved blade of the Katana, especially when the blade is shorter, and the straight blade of the Ninja-to. It’s just personal preference. I find that the “historical” style and the movie style are both beautiful blades and I see no reason for the online argument that continues on and on like some bad dream. People who consistently flame and troll people who do like the Ninja-to are basically not worth the time of day in any discussion. Even if you agree with these people that the Ninja-to is not historical, they will keep on trolling. They have to convince you that because the Ninja-to is not historical, then it is crap. And that is simply close minded idiocy. A preference is just that… a preference. Some people only love fantasy swords from anime… that’s fine. That’s their preference. Just because you or someone else has a different preference does not make you right or wrong. It just is. So PLEASE… if you are one of these people that troll others that like the straight bladed Ninja-to, then you should really take a look in the mirror and see yourself for the child you are acting like. END RANT…

Oniyuri (curved) & Musashi Koga (straight)

The reason that Ninja probably did not use a straight blade was mainly because Ninja wanted to be invisible and fit in with their surroundings. You wouldn’t use a sword that was different than what the Samurai used and basically announce, “Hey, I’m a Ninja assassin and spy.” So the sword that a Ninja used was probably a normal sized Katana or a Katana with a shorter blade for quick drawing and close combat, yet it would still fit into a normal saya (scabbard).

To blow your mind even more… Ninja tended to be farmers. So their weapons were often times farm tools or even modified farm tools. What you have to remember about historical Ninja is that most of the time they were more like spies. They would infiltrate, map, and then get out so that they could get the information to whoever hired them. Sure they did assassinations but that was not their main skill.

So while the straight Ninja-to is not an historical accurate sword it is a damn cool blade. There is nothing wrong with liking this kind of sword or having it as a preference. I collect both the curved and the straight versions and I just tone out the trolls on the net who like to start things about this tired debate. Their mindset is that of a little child who can’t get their way; so don’t get drawn into their idiocy. Collect what you like and enjoy what you collect.

Oniyuri 9260 Bujinkan Katana
Bushido Musashi Koga 

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One thought on “The Ninja Sword – Straight or Curved?”

  1. May i know, which is more practical, since they stated that the straight bladed ninjato is good for piercing not for slashing. It is true?


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