The Hanwei Practical Shinobi Ninja-to – (Black Version)

The Hanwei Practical Shinobi Ninja-to was my next sword, I find this sword a very nice addition to my collection.

The reason I wanted yet another Ninja sword is because I really wanted the Hollywood style of the straight blade but also the size that is generally how they are depicted. The overall length of the Hanwei Ninja-to is 34 1/2″, with the blade being just 24″. This is the size of a sword you can actually draw while wearing on your back.

The tsuka is tightly wrapped with a black faux ray skin under the wrap. The iron tsuba has the kuji-kiri (energy channeling hand positions) designed into the four corners, and the blade is just beautiful. There are 3 levels of polish to the deferentially hardened 1065 carbon steel. The blade is SHARP too. Being short in length, the blade is very easy to swing and control.

The saya (scabbard) is beautiful to look at. It’s not the normal lacquered wood look but instead has almost a matte black finish. There is also a shoulder strap that has a demon/dog which holds the fastening strap in place. It’s a nice design and looks good all around.

 Below is the size comparison with my Oniyuri (curved blade, longer handle) and my Bushido Musashi (straight black full sized blade):
Top: Oniyuri/ Middle: Bushido Musashi/ Bottom: Hanwei Ninja-to
 And then we have some pictures of a cut test I did just to demonstrate the cut. This was a water filled Costco milk jug (Always dry thoroughly and oil to keep the blade from rusting) :
The SBG (Sword Buyers Guide) review can be found HERE
Kult of Athena is where I ordered this sword and it can be found HERE

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