Revenge of the Ninja

Revenge of the Ninja (1983) is the second movie in the Cannon Ninja Trilogy after Enter the Ninja (although none of the movies are related in characters or as sequels). In this one, Sho Kosugi plays Cho Osaki, a man who brings his mother and son (played by real son Kane Kosugi) to America, after the rest of his family is brutally murdered by Ninja in the opening act. An American named Braden convinces him to go and open a gallery, starting over, to escape the blood feud between his family (Iga clan) and the Ninja of the Koga clan.

Unbeknownst to Cho, Braden is really using the gallery as a heroin smuggling operation. When Braden and the mobs business goes bad, Cho is placed in the middle of a fight he did not want to be in.

Revenge of the Ninja is the ultimate Ninja movie. To this day, it is still the BEST Ninja movie ever filmed. Sure there are some “yeah right” moments (the Braden dummy on the roof and the excellent fight scenes against the YMCA crew) but all in all the action never stops and the fight choreography is top notch. This is also the movie that gave us the legendary phrase: Only a Ninja can stop a Ninja.

Revenge of the Ninja should also be remembered for historical purposes too. It was the first American made movie to give an Asian actor (Sho Kosugi) top and sole billing over the title. Even Bruce Lee had to share the top billing for Enter the Dragon.

If you like Ninja flicks then this one is a must to check out. To this day, this is my all time favorite Ninja flick.

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