Ninja III The Domination

Ninja III The Domination (1984) is the 3rd and final movie in the Cannon Ninja Trilogy (None of the movies are related by story or characters) coming after Enter the Ninja and Revenge of the Ninja. This time out we get a bit of the supernatural introduced into the story.

The movie opens with a Ninja who is going to assassinate some scientist at the golf course. After he succeeds, the cops are called in… all of them… and he proceeds to run from them and systematically kill them, even taking down a helicopter. He ends up being cornered and shot a million times by the police. Of course he uses some sort of “Ninja magic” and escapes.

Enter Christie, the innocent city worker who the bad Ninja just happens upon. He gives her his sword and possesses her just before he finally dies. Christie then starts dating one of the cops who was after the Ninja and then she starts to see several of the other cops who gunned the Ninja down. Of course the spirit of the Ninja uses her to take his revenge on his killers.

Enter Yamada (Sho Kosugi), who now must exorcise the demon from Christie and finally put an end to the evil spirit Ninja. He of course has his own vengeance to take care of, because the evil Ninja was the one who took Yamada’s eye in the past (the reason he wears a tsuba as an eye patch).

Ninja III The Domination definitely breaks from the first two movies with their straight up Ninja action and instead plays up the hokey horror aspect instead. Of the three movies in the pseudo trilogy, Ninja III is my least favorite. From the REALLY bad acting, to the huge amount of time that Sho Kosugi is missing from the flick, to the Ninja sword that keeps changing from real to a wooden prop… And yet, it’s still one of those classic bad 80’s movies that you love to watch. It’s not up to par with the first two but still worth checking out.


Author: jasonfalter

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