Nebraska is…

Nebraska is… Long expanses of road. I’m talking LONG expanses and the term “road” is used very loosely here. Gravel paths that act as alleyways between farms might be a better term.

Nebraska is… A subway in every town… or village, might be the more correct term. If you want to find some reliable food, Subway will probably find you.

Nebraska is… Not keen on good craft beer. Craft beer doesn’t seem to have found it’s way into Nebraska yet, in any big way. Beer Tasting Water from the big 2 (Owners of Bud & Miller) are the main beer staple. I can only hope that the craft beer craze can somehow take hold in the coming years.

Nebraska is… Hard working farmers that stay out in the fields when they would rather be elsewhere. They are people who know that their way of life isn’t just daily living but living for every day ahead. It’s a trait that is forgotten in a lot of cities and urban areas.

Nebraska is… Always changing but still staying the same. You see farm equipment as you would normally but they have GPS to make them run more efficient. You still have windmills but then you have giant windmills that create power, and in some cases controversy. You have modern touches over the familiar of past days, adaption and innovation taking place in ways that those of us in the city rarely see or would ever imagine.

Nebraska is… That old man who is a teacher at some local university, who comes over to sit by me in the airport and tell me the tales of when he saw the Braves in person and how the Braves were always his favorite team. In a quiet and soft spoken voice he spoke of a players quick flick of the wrist and how the ball would just fly through the air as he watched from in the stands behind first base. You could see in the mans eyes that just retelling those moments took him back. I hope he and his wife enjoy their time on their trip coming to Atlanta.

Nebraska is… Family. We may not see each other much but those bonds of familiarity stay. And on this occasion, it was the joining of 2 families by a couple that are always showing a smile on their faces. For me it was also seeing and meeting other family members for the very first time. As much as my level of “doing social in reality” was taxed, I still enjoyed the time spent, with the families of old and those of new and just becoming.

Nebraska is… Apparently international… Because on the flight home, we landed at the international terminal (I think it was a gate for overflow when Hartsfield is too busy). We didn’t have to go through customs, but we did walk right by it. After stepping out of the box and seeing how another state goes about their days, in many ways it was a good way to come back from a certain form of culture shock. A final grin and a nod from a trip that showed me that regardless of the expanses, similarities exist, and not everything in one state will ever be right for everyone in another state. Those differences are needed though, because they make the familiar all the more strong. So thank you Nebraska, family, and friends for this Nebraska journey. See you… “again sometime” (grin and nod)…

Author: jasonfalter

Aspiring writer that is not starving due to being in the Technology industry. Noir, Crime Fiction, Cyberpunk, Etc...

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