America’s Got A$$

I just came up with a brilliant idea for a game show and I have Kim Kardashian to thank for it. Since becoming famous no longer requires any kind of talent, I’m proposing this to be the next big TV Reality Hit:

America’s Got A$$

The ass that launched a family’s career.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out any reason why Kim Kardashian is famous other than for her very own ass, which brought her to fame and glory.


Admittedly, Jennifer Lopez has a nicer ass but it took her years of dancing, acting, and singing to get famous… you know… real work and real talent. Here’s the kicker, not only did Kim get famous off of her ass, but her entire family rode her ass to fame. I guess that is talent…er… I mean… Ass.

That’s just way too BIG!!!


Author: jasonfalter

Aspiring writer that is not starving due to being in the Technology industry. Noir, Crime Fiction, Cyberpunk, Etc...

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