Dark Matter has been Canceled


Word just came through the Twitter-verse that Dark Matter has been canceled. This is a major bummer. Not only was it one of my favorite shows on SYFY but it was one of my favorite shows all around. Viewership looked like it was going up too. So for SYFY to cancel it, and with it going out on a huge cliffhanger, it’s all really disappointing.

I suppose we can hope for a white knight in the guise of Netflix or Amazon Prime to come to the rescue but the chances of that happening are pretty low. The subscription services are well on their way to creating their own shows and not having to rely on shows discarded from other networks to build viewership. So I don’t put much hope in that. Maybe we can get a movie to cap it off? Something like Firefly was able to do? Who knows? All I know is that this was supposed to be a happy DragonCon weekend and this cancellation is like a dark cloud over everything.

Killjoys - Season 2

That leaves Blood Drive and Killjoys who are still waiting on a renewal. Killjoys was already below Dark Matter in viewership so I don’t hold out much hope there. Plus, their Twitter profile hasn’t even been pushing renewal like the Dark Matter profile was actively doing. So that could mean they know what is about to come after tonight’s season 3 finale.


Blood Drive seems to be building good numbers for the first season but as we see with Dark Matter, a growing viewership is not promise of anything. I certainly hope that SYFY isn’t banking on The Expanse because I’m sorry to say, if they follow the books, it will get worse. The books start off excellent but with each following sequel, it just goes down hill fast. Without a Friday Sci-Fi block now… what are they going to give us? Wrestling again? I would hate to see SYFY go back to that.

Suffice it to say… I’m angry right now.

EDIT: Killjoys has been renewed for 2 seasons: 10 episodes each. Now it makes sense as to why the Killjoys Twitter account hasn’t been tweeting to get people to speak up for renewal… sounds like they already knew the outcome. I like Killjoys, but it isn’t as good as Dark Matter, and season 3 has been really dull so far. I think SYFY made a poor decision here but hey… who am I?  

EDIT II: Blood Drive was also canceled. SYFY is just a bummer this year. Giving us all of these good shows and then cutting them short like this…(sigh)…


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